December 15, 2011

Two Miracles

Two miracles, saved by modern science and the good Lord!

Yesterday, Kate and I headed over to Trisha and Caleb's apartment for one last visit before they head home!  That's right, sweet Caleb has finally been cleared to head back to Wisconsin! 

I am selfishly sad they are heading home but, I am so excited for them!  Trisha and Caleb have been in Houston since this summer and I know they are both ready to be home with Joel, Isaac, and the rest of their family/ friends.  No matter where they physically are, I am blessed to know that Trisha will always be a text or phone call away!


You have blessed my life in so many ways.  I hate that we had to cross paths because of what our kids are dealing with but, I am forever grateful that the Lord brought you into my life!  He knew I needed your support and nursing knowledge during Kate's transplant and recovery.  But also knew I needed a friend and confidant when baby #2 was a secret to the world (and still need you now that Will is public knowledge).  It is so unlikely that I would cross paths with a fellow BMT mom, dealing with a genetic issue, that also knew the emotions associated with a surprise pregnancy #2. You are such a God send! 

As you said today, this is not goodbye, simply a see ya later!  We will miss y'all but are excited to hear about all of Caleb's adventures as he starts living life again, healthy, and free of all of the restrictions his condition placed on him.

See y'all in 6 weeks!
Alex, Lindsey, Kate, and Will


Tamika said...

So glad they are going home! Prayers for Caleb and his family as they settle into their life!

Trisha said...

Oh Lindsey, you have me in tears! We are so blessed to have met YOUR family! You have supported me in ways my family/friends have been unable to. As much as everyone here tries to understand what we have been/are going through, they will never "get it" like you do. Thank you for everything you have done for us! We miss you and sweet Baby Kate already. See ya soon!


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I think I told you this on Twitter already, but this post TOTALLY made me cry my eyes out. So glad he gets to go home! You guys are always in my prayers! :)

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