August 31, 2011

Day 0: Her Cells are Here!

We found out around 7 that Kate's cells are in Houston and being processed for her transplant!!!

Kate and her donor have different blood types (crazy how a perfect match can have a different blood type, right?) so his red blood cells need to be removed from the marrow.

I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when we heard the news! My mind has been filled with irrational thoughts all afternoon. What if terrorists were on the plane and it crashed? What if the guy carrying the cells had a heart attack? What if the person driving the cells to TCH was robbed b/c crazy people though the case holding the cells was money or drugs?

See? Totally irrational!

Like always, I shouldn't have worried and should have kept the faith that God would have his hand in this part of the process as well! So much easier said than done though.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers tonight. The cells will be given in her room, through her central line, and should take about 2 hours. Kate will be monitored throughout the transplant and for 4 hours after as there are several risks associated with the cell infusion.

Needless to say, I am nervous and praying everything goes perfectly! We have a great team at the hospital now that will be with Kate during the process so I am confident she is in great hands. Not to mention she is in the Lord's hands as well!

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Favorite Things: Hospital Edition

I am trying to waste some time today!  The minutes feel like hours as we wait for Kate's cells to arrive here in Houston so she can have her transplant.

We found out this morning that Kate's donor actually agreed to donate today so we could have the freshest cells possible.  The cells will then hop on a plane (and not leave the hands of a medical courier) and be flown to Houston!  After they arrive, which is scheduled to be around 8pm, the bone marrow will be processed and prepared for transplant!  Kate's infusion should start around 11pm!

We are feeling very blessed today!  Kate woke up in the best mood and has been so happy all day - I swear she knows today is her big day!  She even got all prettied up in a smocked outfit and a bow!

So, on to Kate's favorite things while in the hospital! 


Kate has always loved books but she is really into those lift the flap books these days!  The Karen Katz books are wonderful and "Where is Baby's Yummy Tummy" is Kate's current fav!


I have been an active member of a wonderful infertility support group for several years.  These wonderful ladies decided they wanted to do something for Kate for her hospital stay.  I was shocked when I received a box of goodies - amazing goodies!  Kate received an iPad 2, birthday cards from so many amazing women, and gift cards to places that are close to the hospital for food/coffee/etc.  They are beyond awesome!

We would not survive without the iPad.  Kate is able to Skype with family, play games (Tap Tap Baby and Peekaboo Ocean are her favs), and watch movies/ shows.  It is seriously a life saver, especially when she is on isolation!

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

Kate received this as a birthday gift from Danielle.  She is obsessed with it and plays with it all the time!  Added bonus is that it is super easy to wipe down and sanitize every day!

Praise Baby DVD Collection

I got this DVD collect at one of my baby showers and it has been so useful since Kate was a little baby!  Hospitals are noisy which causes Kate to have a hard time going to sleep.  We put one of these DVDs on for nap time and bed time and the music helps soothe Kate to sleep!  They also calm her down if she gets really upset.  I honestly don't know how we would survive without them!

Baby Stella

This was another birthday gift (from my mom) and Kate loves her baby doll!  She cuddles Stella, hugs her, kisses her, takes her paci, and plays with her all the time!  Obviously this toy isn't specific to her hospital stay but it is something that makes her happy now, and will do the same when we are back home!

Baby Einstein Crib Soother

My mother in law sent this for Kate and it has made time in baby jail the hospital crib more manageable.  I'm not sure what it is with the crib here but, Kate hates it.  Like, hates it more than anything else in the entire world.  It's bad.  But, I have to be able to put her somewhere, and contain her, when I need to do necessary things like go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc.  Thankfully Kate will sit and watch the fish/ ocean creatures on this soother for a solid 5 minutes.  That's an eternity to a 1 year old!
She has so many other things that make her happy right now but these are the top this week.  Who knows what will be #1 tomorrow!
I hope this list helps any other parents facing an extended hospital stay with a toddler!

August 30, 2011

Day -1: Dear Donor

Dear Donor,

I have thought about this day since June 6, 2011 when we learned that Kate required a bone marrow transplant. I've wondered how I would feel. How Kate would be doing. How we would be managing this crazy adventure.

But, most importantly, I've wondered about YOU. How you would be feeling. How proud your mother must be of you. How amazing you are. How selfless you are. How much of a blessing you are to my family.

Today, you will be wheeled into an operating room, put under general anesthesia, and have a doctor drill into your bones to collect your bone marrow. Nothing about the surgery you are willingly undergoing is easy. Yet you've selflessly agreed to do it.

No matter what stood in our way, no matter how many set backs we faced, or how many times we were rescheduled, you remained dedicated to this process. You made it clear that you would do anything to put Kate, and her health, at the center of this process.

So many nurses, doctors, and coordinators have told me how lucky we are to have such a serious, devoted, caring donor. While it's nice to be reminded, I didn't need them to tell me. I know, and have known since we got the call, that you were a special young man.

Today you will not just be wheeled into an OR to have a procedure. You will be wheeled into the OR as a hero, a life saver, an angel here on Earth. Our God knew what he was doing when he planned your life - He knew you would help save one of His children.

You will save my daughter's life. You will allow me to live out my dreams of being a mother. Allow Alex to continue to be an amazing daddy. Allow Kate's grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to keep loving her.

But, most importantly, you will allow Kate to live a long life. You will allow her to experience not only the great things in life like coming to know Christ, but the simple things too. Things like learning how to ride a bike, learning to read a book, experience her first day of kindergarten and her first day of college, experience the mountains and the beach, and so much more.

You are giving us the most amazing gift anyone could give. I am forever thankful for your willingness to save Kate and I pray that I will be able to hug you and thank you in person one day.

I also pray that you are able to witness Kate's beautiful smile, her dimple, her joy, and her amazing personality.

Words will never be strong enough to express my gratitude. I just hope you can fully understand how much your gift means to our family.

We are praying for you and your recovery. Praying that this has not caused a huge disruption in your life. Praying for comfort as you heal. Praying that you know just how special you are.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving my Kate a second chance at life!

Much love,

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August 28, 2011

Day -3: Hives and Wagon Rides

Today was better than yesterday but was not easy by any means. Thankfully Kate's blood pressure wasn't too low this morning! However, she is still pretty swollen and her tummy is hurting her pretty bad.

Due to a few issues Kate had with benadryl yesterday, the doctor on service this weekend wanted to avoid it today. Kate's mood was definitely better (not as irritable) but the lack of an antihistamine resulted in my sweet girl breaking out in hives from the campath. This is, yet again, normal (and why they pre-med with benadryl). Kate's poor face looked pretty pitiful most if the afternoon/ evening.

One thing we've learned about our stay here at TCU is that walking the halls if the BMT unit calms Kate down. She can be miserable and pitching a huge fit and will start smiling and wave the second she hits the halls! Needless to say, we've spent as much time as possible outside if her room today!

Kate took her first (and second) wagon rides today since her walking skills aren't what they were pre-admissions! We made the wagon much cozier the second time around!

Second ride of the day!

Kate has made friends with a sweet 5 year old boy in the unit. Caleb is about 2 weeks ahead of Kate in the BMT process and is so sweet! He brought Kate a pink glow bracelet tonight! And, when we headed out for a walk, Kate saw Caleb, pointed at him, walked over to him (with my help), and gave him a hug! So sweet!

If you could keep Caleb, and all the other kids here in the transplant unit in your prayers that would be great! Caleb is not from Texas so his mom is here with him and they are very far from their support system. I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must be. My in-laws were able to pick a few things up for them a Target today. I know it wasn't anything huge but I'm glad we are able to help out a bit since Houston is our home base.

Tomorrow is Kate's last day of chemo! However, we've been warned that most major chemo side effects don't begin for a week or so after treatment. We've got a long road ahead but at least we are making progress!

For now, I'm off to cuddle this cutie!

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August 27, 2011

Day -4: Campath is the Devil

The past two days have been the absolute worst of this journey so far.

Kate started campath yesterday and is not handling it well at all. She was fine for the first two hours of the four hour infusion but, as hour two came to an end, Kate became unconsolable. Despite being on Demerol, Ativan, Tylenol, and benadryl, she was uncomfortable, vomiting, shaking, and spiked a fever that got up over 105.

No matter how many medical professionals told me how "normal" her reaction was, I was very worried by such a high fever. Thankfully her fever broke and hasn't been over 102 since. We've even had moments of no fever!

This morning I woke up to a swollen baby that had dangerously low blood pressure. We battled her blood pressure most of the morning and had to wake her up multiple times as her pressure dropped as low as 60/20 on several occasions. Right now she is hanging out around 80/33 which is low but now nearly as scary as it was earlier. She is sleeping with a pulseox on and having her blood pressure taken every 30 minutes.

Add in the balancing act of input verse output to ensure the third drug (cytoxin) isn't ruining her kidneys and it has been a very, very busy day. It's going to be a busy night as well with the requirement that her diaper be changed every two hours on top of the prospect of having to wake her often to increase her blood pressure.

All of this is "normal" but scares me so much.

Please keep Kate in your prayers - she has 2 more days of these horrible drugs and is so uncomfortable. I'm ready for my upbeat, active girl that is filled with personality to make an appearance again.

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August 25, 2011

Day -10 & Day -9 Hospital Pictures

I finally had some time last night to upload pictures from my camera.  I still am about 3 days behind (today is day -6 in transplant language) but I figure family and friends may want to see some Kate cuteness!

We had another hard evening yesterday.  Kate got very sick to her stomach and couldn't keep anything down.  She is now refusing to eat anything but a few puffs a day and is refusing most bottles.  She has only had about 5-6 puffs and 4 ounces of formula all day.  Lack of appetite is to be expected but I just hate that she feels so bad.

We start the "mean" chemo drugs tomorrow so Kate will spend most of the day pretty drugged up on demerol and benedry to help her body handle the medications.  Thankfully Alex has taken off work and will be here to help me out.

Ok, on to fun pictures of Kate before she started feeling really bad!

Admission day (day -10) - getting vitals taken when we arrived!

Checking out her room!

Checking out her toy boxes!

Day -9: Reading Stella (one of her favorite birthday presents) a book!

Day -9: Sleeping and not feeling good.  Poor baby.

Kate's biggest struggle right now is that she doesn't understand how to conserve her energy.  She wakes up feeling refreshed so she goes full steam ahead - playing, talking, attempting to walk (she has almost completely regressed on her ability to walk which is so sad), etc.  It's great to see her play but, about 20 minutes in she is totally wiped out and then is miserable for the rest of the day.  I wish I could her her understand how to spread her play time/ energy out.

I will try to update again tomorrow with more pictures.  I'm trying my best to take pictures every day!

Thanks to all who voted for us yesterday - we appreciate it!  You can vote daily.  I see a direct correlation between an increase in people heading over to the DKMS website to learn about bone marrow donation and how high we are rated on Top Mommy Blogs and that makes me happy!

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August 24, 2011

{Not Quite} Wordless Wednesday

Hospital life has been hectic to say the least. Kate had a really bad evening yesterday and had a rough morning today. Her energy levels are way low but she doesn't understand so she plays really hard for about 15 minutes and then is miserable for hours.

We have 2 more days of busulfan and then switch to the super nasty chemo drugs campath and cytoxan on Friday. We've been told it won't be fun at all.

I took this picture Monday (I think - my days are running together). Kate's expressed makes it clear that food is the enemy these days. She's only had about 10 puffs all day today. We knew to expect it but I didn't realize it would happen this soon.

Monday Kate decided she wanted to rock and read while getting chemo.

Hopefully I can update more, with better pictures, soon!

Also, if you have a second, and enjoy reading our blog, can you click on the badge below to vote for us?  Simply clicking on it gives us a vote - and a boost in the ratings which will hopefully spread Kate's story and raise awareness about bone marrow transplants and donations!  Thanks!
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August 22, 2011

Tantillo Foods Giveaway!

Head on over to my giveaway blog for a chance to win a gift basket from an amazing company, Tantillo Foods!

P.S. - Pictures of Kate enjoying her first taste of spaghetti are included!  Oh the cuteness!

August 21, 2011

Day -10

For real this time.

Kate has officially started the transplant process!  No fevers to stop us this go around!

We were admitted around noon today.  We're in a different room this time and we are all the way in the back of the unit.  I'm hoping some of our favorite nurses float this way later this week! 

It's been a long day and Kate didn't go to bed until almost 10:30 tonight.  Thankfully she is sleeping peacefully right now - and is taking up the entire bed!  Looks like I might sleep sitting up.  Oh well, the things you do to keep the princess happy!

Chemo is set to start at 8am tomorrow.  Kate will receive a dose of busulfan every 6 hours (start to start) for 4 days.  After that, we switch over to cytoxan for 4 more days.

Please keep us in your prayers as Kate's little body is flooded with these nasty meds.  I know they play a very important role in the BMT process but, it still makes me sad to think about how bad they will make my sweet girl feel.

I have pictures from today on my camera but don't have the energy to upload them tonight.  Hopefully I'll be able to add them tomorrow!

August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

I can't believe it's been an entire year since our sweet Kate came into this world!

A year since Kate was placed in Alex's arms while I was still under general anesthesia.

A year since I held her for the first time.

A year since Alex and I learned how to love deeper than we ever imagined possible. 

A year since we became a family.

The past 365 days have been hands down the hardest 365 days of my life.  But, they've also been the happiest, most fulfilling days of my life. 

I may be a killer business woman but, I was made to be a mom.  Made to wipe snotty noses and clean up spit up.  Made to pick up a million toys and read books all day long.  Made to love, protect, and fight for my sweet girl no matter what. 

I wouldn't trade a single day with you sweet Kate.  You make me laugh when I want to cry.  You make me smile when I feel like frowning.  You make me want to be a better person.  A better mother.  All because I want you to have the best life possible.

Kate, you are a special girl.  You will do big things and go big places during your life.  No matter what those things you do are, or where those places you go will be, know that Daddy and I love you now and will love you always.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!  I am so excited for the second chance at life year two will bring!

August 17, 2011

{Unexpected} Hospital Necessities

Like I mentioned in my last post (or was it two posts ago?), our test run at the hospital allowed Alex and I to make a big list of things that would make life in the hospital easier.  I was shocked by some things so I thought I would share.  Some of these are very specific to a long hospital stay with a young child (that will have no immune system) but, maybe this list will help someone.

Swiffer Wet Jet

Kate is a messy eater.  At home it isn't a big deal because Sadie and Ollie gladly eat anything she throws on the floor.  Unfortunately, we don't have vacuums dogs at the hospital.  The cleaning service scrubs her room daily (to limit any germs that may have found there way in) but, they don't come by every time Kate eats.  I spent more hours than I care to admit on my hands and knees scraping food off of Kate's floor. 
Also, she needs a place to play as I feel bad containing her to the hospital crib or my bed in the room.  So, I love that I can use the antibacterial swiffer juice (what is it called?  I know juice isn't the right term.  Oh well.) and clean the floor quickly before setting her down to play.
3M Hooks

There are so many things I needed to hang - towels in the bathroom, a bib that needs to dry, a dry erase board to keep track of everything Kate drinks (input/ output is very important for chemo patients and we have to track every ounce of liquid that go in her mouth), etc.  There was one hook in Kate's room.  Obviously that wasn't going to cut it!
I picked up several packs of hooks this week so I can stick them in various places (and not ruin the walls) and hang things!
Outlet Plugs

I guess I just assumed that a Children's hospital wouldn't have exposed outlets?  Yeah, that assumption was wrong.  And Kate could win a gold medal if there was an Olympic event titled "Who can find an exposed outlet and stick their finger in it in .002 seconds."  Hey, at least I know where every outlet in the room is now!

Again, Kate is a messy eater.  I would bet 25% of the food I put on her tray ends up smeared into her bib.  Not just in the little catcher thing.  Literally smeared into her bib.  How she does it I will never know.
Add in the fact that hospital sinks have those little grate things over them and you end up with a sink full of soggy food that you have to scoop out.  Gross.  Oh, and nothing to hang a wet, clean bib from so it can dry.  I officially gave up on real bibs and will be using disposable bibs for Kate's stay.
More expensive? Yes.  Worth it?  You bet!
Hand & Face Wipes

Ok, I guess these aren't really a necessity.  I could just use diaper wipes.  But, I hate the way hospitals smell.  So sterile and institutional and unbaby like.  These wipes smell amazing and having a baby that smells like a baby (and not a hospital) warms my heart.
I didn't realize how much a simple smell would help me out.  Kate has to use antibacterial soap/ shampoo provided by the hospital so she doesn't smell like my baby.  These wipes give her that precious smell that I love so much.  Just a little whiff of home.
Bottle Drying Rack

I didn't think I was going to need a drying rack.  I didn't want Kate's bottles exposed and was planning on washing them, drying them by hand, and placing them back in the plastic tub for bottles/ sippies.  The only problem is that I was never able to completely dry them by hand and whenever I would put them away there would still be a bit of moisture in side.
Moisture = mold/ mildew and mold/ mildew = bacteria/ bad things.  I've come to the conclusion that I really need to let her bottles air dry a bit before trapping them up in the bottle box.
I'm sure as we are at the hospital for a longer period of time, I will have even more things I find helpful.  But, after 4 days, these are my top "must have" items that will be with us when Kate is readmitted.
Speaking of readmission!  Our dates were changed yet again.  But, this time they were moved up.  Kate will now be admitted Sunday (8/21) and will start chemo Monday (8/22).  I know it's just two days but, I feel like this is the first bit of positive news we've had in a while and it has lifted my spirits after being totally crushed about our setbacks.

August 14, 2011

Hospital Pictures!

I was totally *that mom* who hauled a big DSLR into Texas Children's for our stay.  I don't really think there is too much wrong with that.  We are about to have HUGE days - hello second chance at life.  It needs to be documented.

But, I definitely earned the title of "crazy mom with camera glued to her face" as I pulled out my camera to document Kate's fever. 

"Mom, my temp is up to 103.  Put that camera down and take this bow off of my head.  NOW."

Kate was still pretty pitiful on Wednesday but by Thursday, she was back to her normal self - charming the nurses and smiling for momma!!

All of our nurses were wonderful during our stay!  I'm glad that the BMT unit is small because it means we will see all of them again!  I will say, I did connect with a few more than others.  We absolutely loved two of our day nurses - Alex and Heidi.  Alex even stopped by on her day off to check on Kate!  Also, we had the same night nurse 2 of our 3 nights there (I believe her name is Cynthia but, I was so out of it over night that I could be wrong) and she want also amazing!!

Kate had a lot of TV time while in the hospital.  Feel free to judge but, you try entertaining a 1 year old, that has been placed on isolation and cannot leave her room, for 4 days, in a small hospital room.  TV becomes your BFF.

Watching Mickey!

By Friday, it was nearly impossible to contain Kate!  She was such a ham and was workin it for the camera!

She enjoyed snack time while watching more TV.  Again, feel free to judge but, until you've been in my shoes, you have no clue what life in the hospital is like.

She looks so big standing up here!

My beautiful girl - totally unphased by the hospital life!  She is my inspiration! 

I'm so glad I was *that mom* and had my camera to document the past week. 

Danielle, Kate's nanny, stopped by today and said Kate looked bigger - and I agree!  She seems so much more grown up this weekend!  Crazy to think we are just a few days away from her birthday!  This year sure has flown by!

August 12, 2011

A Quick Update

Life in the hospital with a busy one year old (OMG how is she almost one?!?) is exhausting.

I had very unrealistic ideas of Kate going down at her normal 7pm while I had time to blog about each day, document our journey, tweet, facebook, edit pictures, and just having some quiet me time.

Um, not so much.

Kate refused to sleep in the hospital crib and would only sleep in the small, uncomfortable, pullout bed with me. 

While I was holding her. 

Needless to say, I didn't do anything but hold Kate, play with Kate, feed Kate, rock Kate, entertain Kate, and pray that Kate would take a nap during our stay.

That's right, all of that is past tense.

Kate was discharged from Texas Children's today.  She has been fever free since early Wednesday morning.  After almost 72 hours of IV antibiotics, we were released.

The new plan is to be readmitted on August 23 and start chemo on August 24 with a transplant date of September 2.  I took the news of this delay very hard at first.

It's funny how I was so stressed out when we heard Kate's transplant would be in August.  It was so fast.  How would I get ready in time?  Yet now that we are delayed over 2 weeks, I am upset that we have to wait.

We found out today that Kate tested positive for a cold virus and that is a big driver in our delay.  Her transplant doctor wants her to be 14 days past the onset of fever before moving on to chemo.  I know this is best for Kate and I am working on enjoying this time we have at home and trying to not dwell on the fact that we are delayed.

Our donor is proving, yet again, to be an amazing young man.  According to our coordinator, he said he would do whatever it took to accommodate whatever the doctors decided would be the best time for Kate's new transplant date.  He continues to be the definition of selfless and put Kate's health and well being above his own.  This man has also agreed to donate actual marrow (verses the easier method of collecting peripheral cells) because Kate's doctor requested marrow as it is the best option for Kate.

We are so bless to have him in our lives.  Even though I have no clue who he is, I know that he is a class act and I pray that we can meet him one day!

Kate will be in complete isolation until she is readmitted.  She will only leave the house to go to her appointments at TCH (and will be totally covered in her stroller for these visits).  No one but Kate's nanny will be allowed in our house.  Alex will take extreme precautions when coming home from work (changing, showering, excessive hand washing, etc).

This may sound extreme but we simply cannot chance any illness causing even more delays.  Kate's platelets are depleting quickly despite a transfusion on Tuesday and her ANC is the lowest it's ever been which means she is extremely susceptible to infection.

While I am upset that we are now "behind", the test run at the hospital allowed Alex and I to realize some things that would be helpful (like a Swiffer vac b/c Kate makes a HUGE mess when eating in a highchair), things we need more of (pajamas/ outfits - she averaged 2-3 outfits a day), and things we don't need (my beloved smocked outfits just aren't necessary and take up room).

We appreciated all of the thoughts, prayers, and support.  I know I say it all the time but, we are so overwhelmed by the amazing support everyone is showing our family!  It really means the world!  And, I took some great pictures of Kate while she was in the hospital.  Hopefully I will be able to edit them and post a few this weekend!

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August 9, 2011

Prayers please

We aren't getting off to a good start here.

Kate spiked a high fever this evening and is miserable. We've drawn blood cultures to make sure it isn't a blood infection and will be starting IV antibiotics soon.

The devastating news? Chemo and transplant are postponed until further notice. At the earliest it will be Monday of next week but it could be later. We should know more tomorrow.

I am feeling defeated and feel the devils presence. Please cover our family, and especially Kate, in prayers as we work through this complication. I wasn't expecting issues before we even started chemo.

Kate needs to catch her break - she's been through enough.

Continuing to tell myself that God's glory and healing powers will prevail.

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Today is the day

Gosh, I can't believe it's here.

We are sitting in the waiting room of day surgery (next to a woman wearing way too much perfume) waiting for Kate to go in to surgery and have her central line placed. We'll go straight from recovery to the BMT unit for admission.

As expected I'm filled with so many emotions. Add in exhaustion (I've been up since 4am) and I am only functioning because of prayers be said for my family (and coffee but the prayers are doing way more).

Hopefully I can update later tonight. I am naively assuming Kate will go to bed like normal tonight and I'll have time to blog. I'm sure the joke will be on me when I realize this won't be the case.

We ask for any and all thoughts and prayers you have today as we start the next phase of this journey.

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August 4, 2011

Around the World!

I've spent way too much time pondering how to decorate Kate's hospital room. I want it to be stimulating. I want it to include all of the amazing people praying for Kate and thinking about our family. I want it to distract Kate for a few minutes at a time. I want it to put a smile on her face.

I've avoided hard to think about things like chemo used my time wisely while thinking about this and have come up with what I hope will be a wonderful "theme" for Kate's hospital room.

And I need your help!!

How awesome would it be to fill Kate's walls with pictures of the beautiful world she will be sheltered from for an entire year? Since she can't get out, help us bring the world to her!

Cinderella's Castle, Davis Wade Stadium, New Orleans, Idaho, Long Beach, New York City, the Eiffel Tower, Australia, China, Tokyo, Gulfport, OBX, Waikiki, Mandeville.

It doesn't matter where you live, a metropolitan city or a one stop light town, or where you have traveled, send pictures our way! I'd love it to be picture you have taken of a place that is special to you - somewhere you want to share with Kate. Feel free to tell the story behind the picture - I can pass it along to my curious girl! You can e-mail me at and I will print them out and have them in Kate's room!

Do you think we can get all 50 states? All 7 continents?

I'll be sure to give y'all a tour of the room after it is decorated!

August 2, 2011

Cardiology Appointments? Check!

We can check one thing off of our to do list! Kate had her appointments with cardiology yesterday!

As always, she enjoyed the fish tank while waiting!

Waiting for her tests to get started! Look at that curl! She loved the crib soother they had so I think we will have to pick one up for her before next week!

She had to be sedated for her echo (ultrasound of her heart). She was given oral sedation and fought it so hard. It took almost 20 minutes for her to fall asleep but when she did, she was out cold!

Finally asleep!

I carried her to the test room and she got nice and comfy! Look how long her legs are!

She didn't move an inch during her echo! I was worried she was going to wake up from the poking/ position changes but she did great! This one is dark but is during the test!

After the echo she had a quick EKG and was done! As soon as they took the EKG stickies off of her, she flip onto her belly and tried to get even more comfortable! Too bad she had to be woken up so we could go home.

She had a hard time with the medicine and was so fussy. I think it really messed up her tummy because she threw up a few times and had diarrhea which brought on a lovely diaper rash. Thankfully she seems to be better today!

I can't believe we are less than a week away from admission!

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