January 31, 2013

2013 Goals: Status Update

I posted about my 2013 goals earlier this month. I've decided that I'll do a monthly recap of my status in order to hold myself accountable! I've grouped goals together in four categories: Blogging, Family, Photography, and Reading in hopes of making my status updates more organized and cohesive! I'm sure I will have months where I don't do so well in certain categories but, I'm hoping that come December 31, 2013, I will have met (and possibly exceeded) all of my goals!

I've done a decent job with blogging more consistently (hello four days in a row this week)! But I still haven't updated my tabs up top (maybe this weekend?) nor have I recapped things like Christmas and Disney. Can I mark this as a 1Q13 action item? It makes my former, pre SAHM self excited to see such a Corporate America deadline!

I am doing fantastic with packing Alex's lunch. Mainly because he's had so many work lunch events and I only have to remember to make his lunch about 2-3 times a week. But hey? He is consistently eating lunch (which he wasn't before I starting packing food for him) either due to me or the Company! That's a win in my book!

I can't even remember the last time I left the house by myself - but Alex and I did have a date night this month! So I'll count a kid free night as a break! I really need to work on this one.

Kate and I have had a handful of mommy and Kate dates this month which were so wonderful. I forgot how much I loved one on one time with my sweet girl. It may have just been to the grocery (thankfully she LOVES the grocery) but an hour of time with my big girl is so good for my soul!

I've done so good with actually using my real camera! I pulled it out 10 times this month (took pictures 1/28 but haven't uploaded them yet). Proof!

Side note: After having a hard drive crash, I am OCD about backing up pictures. I save to my computer and external hard drive every.single.time I upload. Then, once a month, I back up my external to a second external hard drive. I also upload my favorite pictures to Photobucket so I have an online, full file size back up as well!

I haven't done much to increase my knowledge of Photoshop but I'm hoping to take an online class with one of my favorite (and sadly non-local) photographers - Maxine of Grace Photography - before Will is admitted for transplant!

As of today, I have finished 7.5 books this year which means I am 15% complete for the year! If I keep up this pace, I will exceed my goal! Here's what I've read:

I am hoping to finish Beautiful Chaos tonight so I can officially have 8 books under my belt this month but, there's a good chance it won't be marked complete until next month!

How are y'all doing with your 2013 goals?

I find I am so good in January and February but then start to fall off the grid. Let's keep each other accountable this year and meet the goals we've set!


January 30, 2013

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday: Sibling Pic FAIL

I had no clue someone actually did a link up for this - learn something new every  day!

This is not exactly what I meant when I asked Kate to sit by her brother and smile. Sibling pic FAIL!


January 29, 2013

Family Pictures: Christmas Card Session

Way back in November we had family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. I didn't share them at the time because I have this weird complex about sharing pictures that will be on Christmas cards I send out.

Ridiculous, I know. But, oh well!

We had a great time with Allison of {Lentille Photography} and I am in love with our pictures! She captured our true personalities and I adorethe pictures she took!

This picture is being framed and hung on my gallery wall I talked about yesterday! You know, when I actually get it printed, remember to pull out the hammer, nail a hanger into the wall, and hang the framed picture while my kids are awake.

Why do I always think about using the hammer while they are sleeping??

Alex's parents were in town when we took these pictures and we were able to get some Boggan family pictures! Alex is an only child so these really are pictures of the entire Boggan crew! Allison also took pictures of Kate and her PaPaw. If you couldn't tell, she is a PaPaw's girl! I am certain he will give her anything she asks for!

As always, Will was totally unimpressed with pictures - just as he is normally unimpressed with life!

Thankfully, Allison was able to capture smiles from the kids too!

We had such a blast with Allison and I cannot wait for our Bluebonnet mini session with her in March! If you are in the Houston area, I highly suggest {Lentille Photography} for your next session!

All images are Property of {Lentille Photography}


January 28, 2013

That's So Cute: Valentine's Printable

I promise this random back story is applicable to a fun Valentine's printable. Y'all just try to stay with me for a second!

A while ago (like way back in August), Alex went on a guys 30th birthday celebration trip to New Orleans with several of his fraternity brothers. We made a deal that he could go on this trip, leaving me at home alone with an almost 2 year old and a 4 month old, if I got a girls trip to the beach. Obviously, I survived, and got my girls trip!

If I'm being honest? I didn't just survive. I pretty much rocked a weekend alone with both babies! 

While Alex was in New Orleans running around the city in a red dress while drinking copious amount of alcohol I decided I was sick and tired of looking at a blank wall and that I NEEDED a new gallery wall. So, I packed my two up, headed to the glorious Hobby Lobby, purchased frames, rush ordered prints, and set out to have a new gallery wall completed before Alex made it home.

In order to avoid 945809245 holes in my wall, I actually planned out where I wanted everything to go! I used the ridiculous amount of packing paper HL uses when you purchase frames, traced everything I had, and spent way too long moving things around until I (with the help of all of my twitter ladies) found the best layout!


And before anyone asks, no I didn't hang pictures at toddler level. That light switch? In the upper left corner? Is super high and is the switch to our attic light.

I had prints for all of the frames but one. I accidentally purchased a certificate frame which fits a 8.5x11 image/ document. I've known for a while I wanted to use this frame (that no photo print would fit in) for seasonal printables! However, I've done nothing to search for said printables which meant I've had an 8x10 print in a 8.5x11 frame (looking oh so ghetto) for far too long.

However, last week my sweet friend Lindsey posted a precious Valentine's Day printable from her shop That's So Cute on facebook and I was SOLD! I knew that I needed this printable, and all other holiday printables she offers, for my wall!

Lindsey sent me the file so quickly and I had it printed off at my local Staples. I'm sure you could print it at home but we have a crappy printer and our color ink cartridge is currently empty! Staples is way cheaper, and easier, than a new print cartridge!

I just love how it looks on my gallery wall! Yes I still need too hang the two remaining frames that are still sitting on my dining room table. But? I'll get around to it! And right now adding a printable is a pretty big victory!

I mean seriously, how cute is this?!?!

I love the holiday flare it adds to my wall! Lindsey is planning on offering a special printable for each month/ season and I am so excited to add the St. Patrick's Day printable to my wall in a few weeks!

So please, head over and like the That's So Cute Facebook page so you are the first to know about fun printables Lindsey creates! That's So Cute also does custom invitations, cupcake toppers, and party decor! And how freaking cute are the chalkboard birthday posters? Cannot wait to have one made for Will's first birthday!

I was not compensated for this post. I just really love my sweet friend Lindsey and her amazing creations!


January 24, 2013

She will do BIG things

Whether it is as a doctor treating her patients.

A nurse establishing loving relationships.

Or a momma kissing boo-boos.

This compassionate girl?

Who insists on "yissenin to bubbas heart" daily while confirming he is "perfect! Just perfect!"

She will do big things.

Move mountains.



Make me so very proud.

All while allowing me to keep my eye on the prize. And focus on Will being healed, like she is now.

She is so right.

He is perfect.

Just perfect!


January 23, 2013

Good for My Soul

If you follow me on twitter you know that I've been in a bit of a funk over the past few weeks. I'm just overwhelmed with planning surgeries. chemo, transplant, etc. Add in that my kids have been sick most of the month, which means I've been trapped in my house, and I just needed a pick me up!

Thankfully my bestie and her hubby had a trip planned out to Houston for a visit! Erin and I have been friends since college and I actually set her and her husband up way back in 2005! Brent and Alex are former college roommates and the four of us always have such a great time together!

Our visit was just what I needed! Fun, relaxing, and no pressure!

We headed to the zoo Saturday (1/12) and Kate had a blast showing Uncle Brent and Aunt Erin all of "her" animals!

Such a Daddy's girl!

Kate is finally able to go to the petting zoo again (she couldn't post transplant until her immune systems was back and strong). Let me tell you! This girl? Obsessed! She was so extremely happy and had a blast petting, hugging, chasing, and tormenting the goats! 

And I took a deep breath and let go of control as she got her $$ smocked dress covered in petting zoo mud.

And Will? He was totally content flashing his dimpled smile at everyone while riding in his new wagon!

We stayed at home after the kids went down Saturday night, had a few cold ones, listened to amazing cometary (thanks to Brent and Alex) about the Miss America pageant, and just fellowshipped with great friends! I love visitors that don't need to be entertained or fussed over!

We made a quick trip to the Museum of Natural Science Sunday before we had to say our goodbyes. Selfie with Bubs to prove we were both there! And FYI wearing a 22 pound baby while taking pictures is kind of tricky! Ha!

Loving Aunt Erin and Uncle Brent!

This butterfly landed on Alex and Kate was determined to kiss it and hug it!

We had so much fun with the Roberts! It was exactly what my soul needed! Isn't it amazing how time with your people can wash away your anxiety and calm your fears? We are so blessed by these two and I am so thankful we have maintained such a great relationship over all of these years!

The worst part of our visit was having to say goodbye. As always our time together was entirely too short. Hopefully we will be reunited again soon!

January 18, 2013

I've Got Nothing

Ok that's not true.

I've got lots - several half finished posts in my draft folder, tons of pictures I need to share, many precious stories and funny things Kate is currently saying and doing, etc!

But until I feel inspired to actually post about those things, I'll leave you pictures of the kids! Taken yesterday!

How blessed am I??

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