October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I ordered these sweet Halloween cards from Pear Tree to send to our friends and family (this is a screen capture of the digital image so it isn't the best - but you get the idea)! 

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!!

October 30, 2010

Hail State!!!!

Hail, Dear Old State!!
Fight for that victory today.
Hit that line and tote the ball,
Cross the goal before you fall!
And then we'll yell,
Yell, yell, yell!
For deal old State
We'll yell like
Fight for Mississippi State,
Wine the game today!
Go State!!!

My bulldogs are 7-2!  This has been such an amazing season and I cannot wait to see where we finish! 

October 29, 2010

Bragging on myself for a minute...

Due to the stress of Kate being so sick, the cold/ sinus infection I came down with, and my mommy fitness bootcamp, I am down 5 pounds since last Monday.  Meaning, only 5 more to go until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight!

Then, we can work on the weight I gained while going through infertility treatment!

And, before anyone gets jealous - I may be close to my pre-pregnancy weight but, my body is just not the same.  My stomach still feels a bit mushy (even though it is flat again) and my thighs are still a bit jiggly.  Hopefully working out will help me tone back up!

Some Kate cuteness so this post isn't all about me!  Hanging out in her bumbo!

October 27, 2010

Loving our new toy!!

The exersaucer came in and we put it together last night after Kate went to bed.  We tried it out this morning and it was a big hit!

Totally enamored by this spinning toy:

How cute are her little legs?

Sweet girl has some beautiful, bright eyes!  (Side note - am I crazy or does her hair look like it is turning red in this picture?  I swear it is growing in with a reddish tint!)

I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered this!  Her head control is excellent so we will be having time in the exersaucer daily!

October 24, 2010

Zoo Boo!!!

Alex and I took Kate to the Houston Zoo for the first time today!  They were having their annual zoo boo festivities and we wanted an excuse to show off her cute Halloween costume!

While there, we became members of the zoo.  We planned on becoming members next year but, it was going to be $22 for both of us to get in today and only $55 for us to buy a membership that would last until Nov 30, 2011.  So, we went ahead a became official members!  I'm betting we will be visiting a lot when the weather gets nicer (it was HOT today)!

Katie bug our Lady Bug! 
Costume courtesy of Lala (my sister - she did the onesie) and Mimi (my mom - she did the bow and tutu)

With momma in the pumpkin patch area

She loves her Daddy!

Finally awake while strolling around!

We didn't stay for long b/c it was hot, hot, hot.  But, it was nice to get out of the house for a bit!

Also, I want to send birthday wishes to my first nephew, Graham!  He turns 4 today - and what an amazing 4 years it has been!  I am so blessed to have him in my life!

October 23, 2010

Um, no thank you mom...

I was getting Kate dressed this morning for Gymboree and picked out a cute purple dress.  I then remembered that Mimi had just sent us a cute gold bow.  So, I took the opportunity to tell Kate that momma was from the bayou and that she needed to cheer for the Tigers every once in a while.

Now, I'm not the biggest LSU fan but, my entire family (and most of my extended family) bleed purple and gold.  I figured everyone would love a picture of the newest family member sporting their colors so I dressed her up in her purple and gold.

Daddy was NOT happy about this.  I told him to get over it.

So, I snapped a picture and was sending it out, bragging about how she was being so sweet in her purple and gold and would send luck to the Tigers.  See - sweet LSU girl:

Yeah, that lasted about 2 seconds.  I couldn't even hit send on my email before she started screaming and threw up all over her purple dress.  I guess she is with her Daddy on this one...

Alex told me she needed to be put in Maroon and White in support of her Bulldogs (that are actually doing good this season)!  As soon as Kate was decked out in the proper colors, supporting the right team, she was all smiles!

I guess she told me...maroon and white it will be!

October 22, 2010

Two Months (a few days late)!!!

I can't believe Kate is already 2 months old!  We all know about the excitement we had on her actual two month birthday so, I think she will forgive me on day for not taking her official 2 month picture until she was 2 months and 2 days old.

I tried to get a cute one but most of them turned out like this:

I no longer feel guilty about taking pictures of my screaming child - because she literally screams  And yes, it is October and my child is wearing a summer outfit.  The highs have been anywhere from 88-90 this week so we are wearing all of the cute summer things that were too small during the actual summer months.

I did manage to get a non screaming picture.  However, Kate is clearly telling me to stop putting that camera in her face because she doesn't feel good.

Here's what we've been up to in month 2:

*Kate weighed 9lbs 13.5 oz on her 2 month birthday

*She "woke up" this month and is super curious - she always has to know what is going on and loves to look around.

*She follows voices - especially Alex's and tries to look for him when she hears him talk

*She started sleeping through the night.  However, we now have to wake her at least once to feed her until her spitting up issues are resolved.

*She loves to stand.  The few minutes (I'm talking 45 minutes total a day) that we have of happy time is usually spend standing.  By standing I mean I am holding her body and she is putting weight on her little legs.  This is on the way to our house as we speak so she can stand and play:

I know she is too little for it now but I want it here for when she is ready!
*The easiest way to sooth her during her screaming fits is to hold her really tight/ close and walk around the house.  So, we also have this coming our way:

*Kate finally started smiling but she is very stingy with giving them out.  And, she loves to put on her pouty face when I bring the camera out to try and capture her smiles!  I love her smiles and her pretty dimple in her right cheek!
*She still adores bath time.  I can always count on a bath calming her down for a solid 15 minutes which seems like an eternity of happiness after a day long scream fest.
*There are so many more things she is doing/ loving but these are the ones I can think of right now.  She is changing so much that it is hard to keep track of every new thing she does!
I can't wait to see what month 3 brings!!

PTG Thank You Note winner!

I used to select the giveaway winner. 

Note: One comment was deleted so, there were actually only 14 entries.

Comment #4 was Allison!  Congrats Allison - I will be emailing you with instructions on how to redeem your thank yous within the next few days!!

October 21, 2010

Our adventure in pictures...

First off, we heard back about Kate's lab work around 8:30 last night.  Her levels do not indicate Pyloric Stenosis.  One of her levels was elevated so we will most likely repeat blood work tomorrow - so that will mean another day waiting at TCH.

So while we are elated that surgery is no longer in the future, we are still stressed about what is going on.  I've started tracking everything she does (feeds, quantity, how many times and how much she spits up, her temperament, etc) so that I have the information when we get in to see a specialist and so that hopefully we will see some improvement soon. 

So, here is our adventure in iPhone pictures.

Being a little diva on the xray table.  She was great until we had to hold her arms and legs down for the actual xray - she was not happy about that.

Taking a little nap while waiting for the xray results.

All checked in at the ER (after hearing about her enlarged stomach).  Getting one last bottle before the "she may be in surgery tonight" starvation began.

Not very happy about her ultrasound.  This was one of the most miserable things she has had done so far.  Due to my heart condition, I had ultrasounds done of my heart regularly as a child - so I know how uncomfortable it is to have a tech jab that wand into your belly.  And, they didn't even warm the gel up - I felt so bad for her (yet had time to take a picture - I wanted to document it all).

Not a very flattering picture but this was taken yesterday after we headed back to TCH for the third time to get labs drawn.  Look at her little bandage.  Her blood draw was horrible.  Think of the newborn heel prick and then think about squeezing her poor little heel to fill a vial of blood nstead of just 5 little circles on a piece of paper.  So sad.

I am going to take her 2 month pictures today and will post all of that tonight or tomorrow!

October 20, 2010

Crazy week

I have a lot of fun things to post about - especially Kate's two month post but it is all on the back burner.

Kate decided she wanted some excitement for turning two months. 

After crazy amounts of spit up/ vomit (we're talking 5-6 times after each bottle) I brought her to the pediatrician on Monday early afternoon.  After seeing the doctor, K started a lovely screamfest that last most of the afternoon and night.

We were sent for belly xrays yesterday and the films showed her stomach was very enlarged.  So, off the Texas Children's ER we went.  After waiting 9 hours, we had an ultrasound done to rule out Pyloric Stenosis.  Unfortunately the ultrasound results were iffy - probably because we weren't allowed to feed Kate so she was hungry and pissed that someone was jabbing and ultrasound wand into her gut. 

The ER sent us home without any answers which had me upset as we were told to "rush her" to the ER and that
"surgery would most likely happen within a few hours" when we left the pediatrician's office. 

So, we went back to the Peditrician this morning and she ordered lab work - which should have been done last night in the ER (don't even get me started on that).  The lab orders landed us back at Texas Children's for the third time in 24 hours.

We are waiting on results and will hopefully have a plan by this evening.  There is still a chance that Kate will be taken in for surgery at some point today/ tomorrow but, we won't know until we get these labs back.

I am trying to keep it together and am just praying that we have some answers soon. 

A sick baby is no fun.  A sick baby with no plani n place to get her better sucks even more.

Any thoughts and prayers are welcome!

October 18, 2010

Pear Tree Greetings - A Very Thankful Give Away!

It's that time again - time for another Pear Tree Greetings giveaway!

This month's giveaway is all about the Thank You!  Remember all of those beautiful new Christmas cards I reviewed a few weeks ago?  Well, PTG has just completed the 2010 Holiday Collection with some awesome Christmas Thank You notes that coordinate with the beautiful Holiday cards. 

I am a big believer in hand written thank you notes.  My mom forced  kindly encouraged my siblings and I to properly thank friends, family, and relatives for any gifts we received and kind deeds done for us.  So, taking a few minutes out of my day (which has been occupied with a screaming baby lately - but I'll save that for a different time) to hand write and thank you note has always been important to me.

I hate that the art of hand written notes, especially thank you notes, has fallen to the back burner for most.

I will be giving away a set (up to 16 cards) of PTG Thank You cards to one lucky reader.  The winner will be able to select a set of holiday thank yous, baby shower thank yous, or every day thank yous!

To enter:
*Leave a comment letting me know why you love writing thank you notes
*For an addition entry - leave a second comment letting me know what
you would order if you were to win

All entries must be made by 5pm CST on Thursday, October 21.  I will select the winner Thursday night and announce on Friday.  Be sure to leave your email address in your comment.  If I am unable to get in touch with the winner within 24 hours I will select a new winner!

Also, stop by the new Pear Tree Greeting promo code page to see the latest ways to save on your PTG orders!

October 17, 2010

Putting C25K on hold...

I just don't have the time to do it right now.  Kate is still too small to go in a jogging stroller so, any of my runs had to be when Alex was home.  Unfortunately, Alex's time at home has been very limited these days. 

Alex's direct supervisor has been dealing with major medical issues (a stroke a few weeks back and a heart attack last week) and is out of the office indefinitely.  Because of this, Alex has taken over all of his supervisor's responsibilities on top of his day to day activities.  This also means that Alex has to cover his supervisor's on call schedule as well - making him on call 2 weeks a month.  While the extra on call money is a nice perk (especially since I got my last pay check on Friday) the demand is insane. 

So, while C25K is on hold, operation get my body back is still on!

I have enrolled in Mommy Boot Camp: Stroller Session at the Houston Motherhood Center.  Basically is it a fitness boot camp designed for Moms trying to get in shape post baby - and an added benefit is that the exercises are all based around having your baby and stroller with you! 

This is the best of both worlds!  I can work out and I don't have to wait for Alex to watch the baby!  The class meets 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and lasts for about 6 weeks!  We practiced strolling/ sitting in our big girl seat today since we will use it during our class!

By the time I finish this class, Kate will be almost 4 months old and hopefully ready to run with momma!

You better believe this beauty will be on my Christmas wish list so Kate and I can C25K in style!

October 15, 2010

Our day in Pictures!

We have had a fun day at home today.  Kate slept from 10pm - 9 am last night and woke up super hungry.  After downing 4 ounces she went back to sleep for 2 more hours until she woke up starving again and downed another 3.5 hours.  

Can an 8 week old sleep too much?

I am kind of thinking she is going through a growth spurt as all she has wanted to do lately is eat, sleep, cry, repeat. 

She finally woke up and wanted to do a few activities this afternoon so we had some fun!

We started out with some tummy time.  Look at the head control!

Loved our swing mobile!

Sat in momma's lap while watching a PraiseBaby DVD.  I love these and so does Kate! 

If you aren't familiar, they are similar to Baby Einstein DVDs but are set to Praise and Worship music!

Sadie hung out with us

While Ollie played with his favorite lobster tug toy

After all of that, Kate decided it was time for another nap. 
My how life has changed when tummy time, swinging, and watching baby DVDs equally a successful, exciting day!

October 13, 2010

I have discovered the cuteness that is known as....

Baby shoes!

I think Alex is going to need to block from our web browser or we might end up in the poor house.

Free Shipping? 

Free return shipping (even though I probably wouldn't use that function)?

No need to fight the Galleria traffic?

Sign me up!

Look at how cute this stuff is:

Every girl needs gold shoes!

A bit more practical - these would be cute with K's little leggings and tunics!

We already have these cuties thanks to a family friend and cannot wait to wear them!

I really could spend all night looking at, and purchasing, baby shoes! 

Moms - what are your favorite brands of shoes for your kids?

October 12, 2010

Being a Bulldog is cute thanks to Mimi!!

Kate and I got a package in the mail today with several goodies! 

My sister found a cute maroon and white shirt for me, my mom sent K a pretty green outfit that we can wear when it gets cooler again (what's up with a high in the 90s this week?), she made two cute doxie burp cloths, and she also made K a Mississippi State tutu and bow! 

We had to have a photo shoot to show off the tutu!  I need to brush up on my photography skills so I can get some better pictures - it is hard to get good ones of a little baby that doesn't sit up yet!

Look at those lashes!  They have grown like crazy over the past week and are beautiful!

Almost a smile!  And look at that tutu!!  So presh!

Big, bright eyes that are getting more and more blue every day!

Would be cuter if her eye wasn't smashed - but it shows the tutu and bow!  Hail State!

We will have more Mimi creations to share in the next few weeks - Mimi is making K's Halloween costume!

October 11, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!!!

We had a great, but busy, weekend!

Thursday afternoon one of my best friends and her husbands landed in Houston for a visit and to watch our Bulldogs play!  We had several other friends come in over the course of the weekend and had a blast tailgating for the game.

We spent all day Friday shopping and running errands.  Kate did great out and about!  I even did my first diaper change in the cargo area of my SUV - much easier/ cleaner/ nicer than the majority of the public bathrooms that were close by! 

Erin, Brent, Alex, and I headed to Spec's (a huge liquor store in Houston) after Alex got off work to pick up some things for the game.  While there, we ran in to some of our other friends that were in town.  After I got over the slight embarrassment that 5 of our sweet friends were meeting my baby girl in a liquor store, we visited for a few minutes before picking dinner up from our favorite Mexican place.  After dinner we headed over to Andrew & Julia's house (who were so kind as to host about 8 people that were in town for the game) for a quick meet the baby session!

Everyone went out to a local bar but Kate and I came home and went to bed!

Saturday we all got up and got ready for the tailgate!  I wish I took pictures but I was just too busy with the baby.  I did save all of Erin's pictures so I do have a few to share!

Baby's gotta eat!

Sporting a precious State dress!  Go Dawgs!

My little MSU family!

With Auntie EB!  K was a diva and did a wardrobe change mid-tailgate!  She was just
not comfy in her dress - it was cute but HUGE so we put her in a little State onesie!

As we were leaving for the airport, I realized that Erin and I didn't take a single picture together.  So, I had Brent take one with my phone. I look super tired and it isn't the best quality but at least we have one!

This picture is super funny - if you were at our tailgate.  I know Erin, Lauren, and several others
will instantly know what I am talking about and find what makes this picture golden!

Kate and I didn't go to the game and I am SO glad that I made that decision.  She did great at the tailgate but after 6 hours outside, she was in no shape to sit through a football game.   We came home and she had a major meltdown.  A bath, bottle, and swaddle later, she was sound asleep!

Overall, the weekend was a huge success!  I can't wait to take Kate to Starkville to see the Bulldogs play next year!!

October 9, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things!

So, I've been doing this mom thing for almost 2 months now and thought I would share my "must haves" and "life savers" with y'all!  I know several of my pregnant friends read and this is an easy way to let them know what to go buy (or what not to buy and what to expect as a gift from me)!

In no particular order, my favorite baby items!  (Side note - Kate loves music - and she especially loves music from The Sound of Music.  Good thing I am a huge musical dork and know all of the songs...I am officially singing this song in my head as I type this - except I love things like Uppa Baby instead of Rain drops on roses!)

UppaBaby Vista

I absolutely adore our stroller (we have the Special Edition Maya color - a pretty golden yellow).  I know not everyone understands spending this kind of money on a stroller but, it was a necessity for us.  We take our dogs on a walk almost every day.  And, we live in an urban area with crappy side walks (or no side walks) so having a stroller that easily navigates all terrains was a must have.  We currently take K on walks in the bassinet and she loves it.  I also have the car seat adaptor which makes the stroller frame a snap-and-go when we are out running errands.  We haven't used the toddler seat yet but, I'm sure we will love it as well!

Another reason why this is one of my favorite items is because K sleeps in the bassinet every night.  She is not a fan of her pack n play or her crib right now.  I think they are just a bit too big.  The bassinet is nice and cozy and she loves it!

Jolly Jumper Bassinet Stand

As I mentioned, K sleeps in her stroller bassinet every night.  We got this stand as a shower gift and it fits our bassinet perfectly!  It is the perfect height for me to be able to reach over and pop her paci back in her mouth, pat her back, etc.  At $45, it is so worth the money if you have a bassinet or moses basket to use with it!

Swaddle Blankets

K loves to be swaddled.  We did a full swaddle for the first two weeks.  After that we switched to swaddling from the arm pits down as she likes to have her hands/ arms free.  We use Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets and fleece swaddle blankets that my mom made for me (I would provide a link if my mom would start her Etsy store - hint hint momma).  The A+A blankets are also great to throw over the stroller when out as they are the perfect weight to provide some coverage without making K too hot.

Fisher Price Whale of a Tub

This is by far the best infant bath tub (ours doesn't have the toy bar but that would be fun to have)!  Not only it is cute, it is super practical.  The little hump/ stopper thing makes bathing a tiny baby so easy as the baby is propped up and can't slip down into the water.  We use this every night and I am so glad my friend Kim recommended it to me and that Mrs Bev gave it to us at my first shower!

Soothies & Wubbanubs
K is a big time paci girl.  However, the only paci she will take is a sooothie paci - that is the type she got in the hospital and she took to them right away.  Nothing else works.  So, soothie it is!

We really love wubbanubs too.  It is a soothie pacifier attached to a plush animal (we have a pink pony and a puppy).  The animal allows K to get a better grip on the paci which helps keep it in her mouth.  It also allows this momma to find a paci that K spit out while screaming her head off riding in the car.

Any brand works for us (but I am partial to Carters, Kissy Kissy, and now Coccoli since we got some as a gift from some sweet friends).  I just love how babies look in sweet sleep gowns/ day gowns and love how easy a middle of the night diaper change is!

Soothing Sea Horse

My friend Kim sent K one as a gift and we love it.  K is at the point where she really wants to put herself to sleep.  She gets super fussy if we try to cuddle/ hold her when she is tired and likes to just be placed in her bassinet.  I turn on her sea horse as soon as I lay her down and 9 times out of 10 she is sound asleep before the music ends!
Little Lamb Swing
As I mentioned, K doesn't love her crib just yet.  So, when we are hanging out in the living room/ on the main floor of our house, I need a place to put her down when she is sleeping/ sleepy so the dogs can't get her (Ollie loves to kiss her face - I am not such a fan of that).  Her swing comes in handy!  I don't let her swing in it just yet as the lowest setting is still to fast (I hear it works best once a baby reaches 12 pounds).  But, who needs a motorized swing with you have two dachshund sibling to push you?
I know there are more must haves but these are our most used items right now.  As the list changes, I will update it!

October 7, 2010


That would be how long Kate slept last night.  Ok, it was more like 9- 4:45 but, either way, it is AMAZING!

She fussed around 2:30 for a few minutes however, putting her paci back in her mouth and patting her on the back for a little bit and she was back to sleep.  When she woke up at 4:45 she took 3.5 ounces and went back to sleep until 9 this morning!

Now if I could just realize she is OK and not wake up ever 45 minutes to check and see if she is breathing we would be all set!!!

October 6, 2010

Gymboree & Best Friends!

Kate and I attended our first Gymboree Baby & Me music class yesterday!  We loved it and enrolled in the class so this will be a weekly play date!

There were about 12 babies in the class yesterday ranging in age from 6.5 weeks (K) to 6 months.  Most of the older babies will be moving on to the level 2 class soon so the class will be much smaller in the near future. 

We had a blast singing songs, playing with bubbles, and watching the parachute hang over our heads!  We were so busy that I only got one picture during the actual class:

The adult make up of the class was, um, interesting.  There were 8 mommas there with their babies, two nannies there alone with the babies they nanny 9I loved that the nannies were getting the babies out), and then two mom/nanny combos.  The mom/nanny combos were weird to me.  These mothers sat in the background while their nannies participated in the class.  I was shocked - you can't sit on the floor and interact with your child for 45 minutes?  I guess different strokes for different folks (and hey this was in an uppity area in Houston so I should have expected it) but I just don't understand that mentality.

K did really well and didn't fuss much at all.  I need to time her eating schedule a bit better on Tuesdays because by the time the class was over she was ready to eat!  I snapped one more picture while putting her in her car seat before heading home for a bottle!  You can tell she was not wanting the camera in her face!

I'm really looking  forward to getting to know some of the women in the class - I felt like I hit it off with a handful of them and it is nice to know that I will have more mommy friends to hang out with!

As I was sitting down to post this I had to take a few pictures of Ollie and Kate.  He loves her so much and is like her shadow.  If we are doing tummy time he is on the floor right next to her.  If she is eating, he is sitting right next to me while I feed her.  If she is getting her diaper changed he is in the nursery right next to her changing table.  I just know they are going to be best buds!

October 4, 2010

Me & My Girl!

A self portrait taken today!

Exciting Week Ahead!!!

We have an exciting/ busy week this week!  I think a list is the easiest way to get it all out!

*I am starting C25K this week.  I planned on doing my first run yesterday.  However, after I got all ready, K had a major meltdown.  So, my run was put on hold.  I have a feeling my little 9 pound bundle of joy is going to dictate when I actually get a run in. 

*I have a doctor's appointment today to discuss our plan of action to control my endometriosis.  I'm hoping that we can get it under control before my pain comes back.

*Tomorrow, K and I have our first Gymboree Baby & Me music class!  I realize that she won't get too much out of it at 7 weeks old but, I think it will be a great way to get out of the house and meet other moms!  The class is for babies 6 weeks - 6 months so we will stay in the same class until I go back to work!

*Wednesday Alex has to spend the day in Dallas for work.  I am hoping everything goes as planned and he is back home by 7pm. 

*One of my best friends ever and her husband fly in on Thursday!  We have tons of other friends coming in this weekend as well for the State vs Houston game on Saturday!

*Friday Erin, K, and I are going to do some shopping and baking to get ready for the game.

*Saturday we are having a big tailgate for the game!  I am excited to see our friends and cheer on our Bulldogs!  K and I won't be attending the actual game (it's a late game and he thought of a baby in a football stadium during bedtime sounds about as fun as poking my eyeballs out) but will be looking cute at the tailgate!

*I am stressing about what Kate is going to wear Saturday.  Everything I have for her is HUGE.  So, I am trying to figure it all out!

*My body has been nice to me and I have lost 2 more pounds in the past week - just in time for all of our visitors (even though I still have a long way to go)!

Hopefully we are able to get everything done that needs to get done!

October 3, 2010

Just Because She's Cute!

Snoozing in the swing, running a fever from her shots.  But still a little lady with her legs crossed!

October 1, 2010

Well Baby Check-up & Vaccinations

Kate had her 2 month well baby check-up today!  She is only 6 weeks but, we have a big group of friends coming in for a football game next weekend and wanted to make sure she had her vaccinations before being around everyone.  Our Pediatrician was on board with doing then early so we went ahead and had her 2 month well baby 2 weeks early.

Hanging out on the exam table totally clueless as to what was about to happen

Daddy met us at the doctor's office

Our stats are as follows:
Weight: 9 pounds 3 ounces
Length: 21.25 inches
Head Circumference: 15

So, Kate is in about the 18 percentile for both height and weight!  She is meeting the majority of her milestones but it still not socially smiling.  The Pediatrician isn't worried since Kate is responding to us with facial expressions they just aren't smiles.  Hopefully she will start soon!

After getting looked over by the doctor she got her shots (one oral, 3 in the thigh).  It was horrible.  I cried, she cried, and what did Alex do - laughed.  I think he had to laugh as to not think about Kate being in pain. 

I brought jammies with me to put her in after her shots so she would be comfy and so that I wouldn't have to change her once we got home.  She's been either sleeping, fussy, or eating since getting home.  She is also running a low grade fever (rectal temperature is 99.9) but all of that is normal - we are keeping Tylenol in her to help with the fever.

Pending no issues, we won't be back at the doctor until her 4 month well baby visit!
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