February 28, 2013

2013 Goals: Status Update

How is it already the last day of February? How is Will 1.5 months away from turning ONE?  Am I the only one that feels like this year is absolutely flying by?

Since it's the last day of February, it is time for yet another accountability post to check on the status of my 2013 Goals!

Um, well. I didn't do so good. We've all been sick (including me - stomach virus and kidney infection all within a week). March has got to be better! I feel so much better when I write and document and get my feelings out! I also know that out family members enjoy frequent updates and pictures of the kids!

I may have failed for February but I've still got time to make it up this year!

I've done ok with packing Alex's lunches, could be better but also could be worse!

I actually left the house by myself several times this month. Yes one of those times may have been for a doctor's appointment when I felt like I was dying (thanks kidney infection) but alone is alone. Right mommas? Beggars can't be choosers!

Kate and Will also both had one on one time with each parent this month! Again, my time with Will may have been spent at Texas Children's while Alex and Kate were on a fun daddy daughter date. However, when I have just one child with me at appointments I can do things like cuddle Will while we wait verses keeping him in the stroller as I attempt to entertain his big sister!

One thing I have really focused on this month is arts and craft time with Kate. We typically do this during Will's morning nap and she absolutely loves it! Kate is so creative and loves making things! She gets so excited when Alex gets home and she can show him her craft! I am not a creative person by nature so this has taken some planning on my part but it is totally worth it!

So I'd say I rocked this category this month!

Another category I did very well in this month! I pulled my camera out about 12 times this month and took tons of pictures that I just adore! Including some precious "I escaped mid diaper change and am going to sit on the floor naked and play with my toys" pictures of Will! There is just something undeniably cute about a chubby baby booty and baby thigh rolls! I probably won't post these on the blog (thanks for ruining things creepers) but trust me, they are precious!

I also had an impromptu photo shoot with Kate and her best BMT buddy Colt! Natalie and I took the kids to Herman Park to feed the ducks and I captured some precious images of these two miracles! I mean how stinkin cute is this?!?!

As far as Photoshop goes I have taken some time to learn more of the design aspect and have created several printables! As I mentioned in my last post I am selling the Family name/ State printables and I have a scripture printable that I will be sharing (for free!) soon.

10.5 books completed this month for a total of 18 books read so far this year.

This category proves my level of book nerd! I am confident that I will hit my goal of 50 books by May or June. One thing I've learned this month? I tend to find a genre/ author and read it to death then move on (hence me reading every.single Harlequin Kiss book that was published in February). I also like series. I feel like I am in a book rut and haven't read anything that I just LOVED since finishing The Caster Chronicles earlier this month. Hopefully I'll stumble across some wonderful books soon!

I am apart of an on-line based book group and I am really enjoying it. I loved being forced outside of my reading norm and love discussing what I read with others! Best part? I can participate while sitting on my couch in jammies sans make-up!

The biggest problem with my speed reader status? I can easily drop $150 on books in a month which is INSANE. There is too much instant gratification with the Kindle and Amazon and I quickly fall victim to the "one click purchase" trap. Because of this I am challenging myself to "shop my Kindle" during the month of March. I often buy books that are "daily deals" simply because they sound kind of interesting and are cheap. Then I forget about them and never read them. I've probably got 25-30 books on my Kindle I have never read. So I am challenging myself to read what I've already purchased during the month of March!

Here's what I've read this month (clearly I went with an easy to read romance theme this month):

Anyone else keeping track of their 2013 goals? I'd love to follow your progress and send encouragement your way!

February 25, 2013

The Tale of the Vulgar Printable

This story is too funny to keep to myself! I hope I can give you a Monday morning laugh as you chug your coffee and attempt to motivate yourself to dive into yet another week!

We had a super exciting Friday night at the Boggan house. And by exciting I mean I drank a glass of wine while attempting to create a year round printable for our gallery wall. I have several seasonal printables I love, and use, but I wanted something for those "in between" times.

After I finished one, I called Alex over to look at it and this was our conversation:

Me: Hey babe - I just made this for our wall. Do you like it? I'm not sure if I do. I think I want something more formal with cursive.
Alex: Um, Linds. Why do you need curse words in a printable? What's it going to say? The bitchin Boggans? That's not appropriate to hang on our wall.
Me: {dying laughing} Why would I put the word bitchin on our wall?
Alex: You just said you didn't like this one you made and that you wanted cursing in it.
Me: {utilizing every ounce of my post two baby lack of bladder control} I said CURSIVE. As in script. Fancy. Formal.
Alex: Oh. Yeah that makes more sense.

We have laughed about this all weekend. We've even come up with vulgar printables for all of our friends!

Obviously, I didn't frame the naughty version to display in our house but every single time I look at that wall, I start laughing again! I'm sure this will be a joke for years to come!

I posted a picture of the real version on IG and twitter and instantly had people asking if I was selling these and if they could order one. After thinking about it I decide I've got nothing to lose and am officially taking orders! I've already sold, and sent, 10 family state printables! In one day! Wow!

Here is one of my favorites I've done (names/ locations changed for privacy):

Do you want one? Each custom family state printable digital file is $5 and it is super easy to order! Here's what you need to do:

Email me the following ( - please include State Printable in the subject line):
*Family name
*Est year
*City, State
*Color for wording/ state
*Color for location star
*PayPal email

As soon as I receive your payment, I'll start on your printable! As soon as it is complete, I will email you a digital file of your 8x10 printable! You will have your file within 4 days (most likely sooner) of paying!

See? Easy peasy!

And, if you'd like the vulgar version, just let me know! Ha!

February 18, 2013

Stella & Dot + Be The Match


A few weeks ago one of my sweet friends from high school emailed me about the possibility of hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show. Brooke is a Stella & Dot stylist and has decided to do several "non-profit" shows this year where she generously gives all of her proceeds to causes that she cares about.

Even though I haven't seen Brooke in years, thanks to Facebook and this blog, we've been able to keep in touch and she has kept up to date with the kids' health issues. Kate's story is the reason many of our friends and family have heard about, and invested themselves into Be the Match. Brooke is one of those friends that was touched by Kate and Will's story and wants to give back to the organization that is saving my kids' lives!

I am constantly blown away by the support we receive and generous people like Brooke, who are so willing to help save lives, mean the world to Alex and I! The fact that our children have inspired people to join, support, and spread awareness for Be The Match, and the national bone marrow donor registry brings tears to my eyes!

Stella & Dot is a boutique style accessories company sold at in-home and online trunk shows. The jewelry has been seen in Lucky Magazine, InStyle and on countless celebrities. Designed in New York and San Francisco, the pieces are so irresistible and affordable, you’ll be certain to find a little something special.

I've spent several hours some time browsing Brooke's site and have so many things I love!

Many people are unaware of this but, every new donor that joins the national registry costs Be the Match approximately $60-70 dollars. This amount covers the initial testing that is conducted so potential donors can be typed and officially added to the registry database. Be the Match counts on donations to cover this cost so that individuals can join the registry, and help save lives, despite their financial situation. Monetary donations allow Be the Match to continue increasing the size of the Nation Registry which, in return, helps save the lives of people like Kate and Will.

I encourage all of you to head over to Brooke's site and shop this party! You can add some awesome pieces to your jewelry collect all while supporting such an amazing cause!

Happy shopping!


February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Things I have yet to master: taking pictures of my children together. This is the best they would give me!

February 13, 2013

Be Still

Yesterday morning Will had a nuclear cystogram to check on the state of his kidney reflux. His urologist wanted this test done before scheduling his kidney surgery to repair the issue. We won't have results until we meet with his doctor tomorrow.

I'm not sure why but I've been so anxious about this test. I'm guessing a big reason is because this feels like the official "kick off" to Will's treatment. This surgery will be the first of many medicals tests, procedures, and surgeries that will lead up to Will's admission for his bone marrow transplant.

I knew this time would come. But it is just hard to give up the "normal" we've had over the past 10 months and jump back on this crazy roller coaster.

While I was driving to Texas Children's and eating my emotions in the form of an egg and cheese biscuit I was a huge ball of nerves. I could feel my anxiety growing the closer we got to the hospital.

I normally have KSBJ on my radio and yesterday morning was no different. As I was pulling into the parking garage under the Clinical Care Center, Chris Tomlin's I Lift My Hands started to play. The first line of that song?

Be still, there is a healer.

That line, and the entire song, hit me like a ton of bricks.

I literally felt like God was thumping me on the head and saying "LINDSEY! Stop busying yourself to avoid hard issues. Stop filling your heart and mind with anxiety. BE STILL. COME TO ME. There is a healer right here. I am HERE. I have yet to fail you. BE STILL. I am THE HEALER. I was, and still am, Kate's healer. I am here to be Will's healer as well. BE STILL."

It is so easy for me to let my anxiety get the best of me. It is so easy for me to completely consume myself with the battles my children have to fight. It is so easy to forget what I know I need to cling to.

I so badly needed this reminder. I needed to give over my anxiety.

I need to calm and center myself so I can be a source of strength and comfort for Will right now.

So that's my plan. Be still. Immerse myself in the Word. And prepare my heart, mind, and soul for what our family is about to face.


February 6, 2013

Spicy Sausage Pasta

Clearly I am not a food photographer. Just imagine this is perfectly staged.
I had a "real" post scheduled for today but, after making dinner last night, I quickly determined that post could wait.

Because, y'all? This super easy and amazingly tasty recipe? It had to be shared ASAP!

Last week twitter was abuzz about some spicy sausage pasta goodness. After a quick text chat with my sweet friend Rachel, I had the recipe bookmarked and added it to our menu for this week. I've been overly excited about Tuesday night simply because I was making this dish for dinner.

Nothing says "I am a boring SAHM to two babies" quite like the level of my excitement. Over a meal I would be cooking.

But come on. Easy? Check. Something the entire family would like? Check.

YOU MAKE IT IN ONE POT? Be still my loathe cleaning the kitchen heart.

I was seriously anticipating this one pot wonder just as much as I would anticipate Thursday night's at Cheer's in college for penny pitcher night. No joke.

I'm official super lame.

Here's what you need:

Spicy Sausage Pasta
Source: Kevin and Amanda (I made a few changes, here is what I used/ did)

1 tbsp Olive Oil
1 package smoked turkey sausage (I'm partial to Hillshire Farms)
1 medium onion, diced
3 cloves garlic
2 cups low-sodium chicken broth
1 (10 oz) can Rotel (I used mild because Will is sensitive to spice but you can use any type of Rotel)
1/2 cup heavy cream
8 oz pasta (I used wheat pasta and will use a bigger pasta like penne next time)
salt, pepper, and Tony's to taste
1/2 cup Monterey Jack cheese
1/2 cup sharp Cheddar
1/3 cup thinly sliced scallions

In an oven safe skillet, heat olive oil until just smoking. Add sausage and onions, seasons with Tony's (creole seasoning), and cooked until lightly browned. Add garlic and cook until fragrant (about 1 minute).

Add broth, Rotel, cream, uncooked pasta, salt, and pepper. Stir to combine ingredients. Bring mixture to a boil, cover, reduce heat to medium low, and simmer until pasta is tender (about 13-15 minutes).

Remove skillet from heat, mix in 1/4 cup cheddar and 1/4 cup Monterey Jack cheeses. I'm not going to lie - I probably used way more cheese - cheese is a major weakness - second to wine. Top with remaining cheese and scallions.

Place skillet in the oven on broil until cheese is bubbly and browning.

Go add this to your menu now! It is seriously delicious!

February 5, 2013

Girl Girl Bowtique: Review & Giveaway

There is no denying that I have a deep love for bows, headbands, and clippies on sweet baby girls. I literally slapped a big, Texas sized bow on Kate's head within minutes of meeting here. No really. I did. And it really was nearly the size of Texas.

My sweet friend Katharine recently started crafting amazing bows and clips for her daughter. Shortly after posting pictures, people wanted to know the age old "where did you get that" question in regards to Girl Girl's bows (Girl Girl is a precious nickname Katharine's son has for his baby sister)! I'm sure y'all can tell where this is going...

After taking an order here, and an order there, Katharine made the decision to share her talents with the world and officially opened Girl Girl Bowtique! Katharine hand makes each and every one of her creations and has amazing service times! Her goal is to ship all orders out within 5 business days of the order being placed!

Katharine is seriously super mom and is such an inspiration to me! She is a stay at home mom to two precious children, manages to live a healthy lifestyle including daily workouts, and crafts for all of us non-crafty moms! Seriously - super mom!

I'm typically pretty boring when it comes to Kate's hair accessories - pretty standard color bows are what occupy her bow holder. When I branch out, that means I add a monogram to her bow! I was so excited when Katharine told me she would be shipping a shabby chic flower clip to review! It was something different for Kate which is always fun!

When the clip arrived, I let Kate open the box. She was sold from the moment she saw it and said "for me? I wear in my curls? Put on me momma!" The clip was so well made, gorgeous, and such a fun additional to Kate's collection!

Girl Girl Bowtique offers so many different styles and color combinations. The best part? Katharine will even take custom orders! How fun are some of these creations?!?

I'm so excited that Katharine has agreed to give one of my lucky readers the same darling shabby chic flower clip she made for Kate! This clip is perfect for anybody at any age! It would make a stunning statement piece for a newborn photo session, grow with your baby during each stage, and (as Kate proved) continues to look precious when your sweet girl starts running around as a toddler!

Even Will couldn't stop starring at Kate's new accessory!
Please ignore Kate's outfit. I'm learning that the clothing battle is not one I am willing to fight on a daily basis. So if she wants to wear her "pocket" shirt with a beautiful shabby chic clip? So be it!

One lucky winner will receive a shabby chich flower clip courtesy of Girl Girl Bowtique. Winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter and will have 72 hours to contact Girl Girl Bowtique to claim their prize. Only US Residents are eligible to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway I am so excited for y'all to discover this amazing new bowtique! I am certain you will not be disappointed with any of Girl Girl Bowtique's creations!
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