April 5, 2012

Catching Up

I had a post scheduled for yesterday but apparently blogger didn't want to post it...and then decided to mess up the format and pictures. So, until I find the energy to fix whatever blogger did to that poor post, you're stuck with a boring catch up post from me!

*I feel like I haven't blogged in ages - I'm just so exhausted - like no energy at all these days. By the time I put Kate down for bed all I want to do it sit and put my feet up! I'm officially full term and we have a week left until we meet Will! I'm feeling pretty large these days and Will just keeps getting bigger and bigger! I had a cardiology appointment yesterday to check on my heart before delivery. I was born with a heart condition and had surgery in the mid 90s to correct the issue. Thankfully, everything looks great! I head to the hematologist this morning and will have the final word regarding whether I will have a spinal or go under general for my c-section.

*Kate is going through a HUGE speech/ language boom right now! Every day I am amazed at the new words she is saying! Tuesday morning she brought me a Praise Baby DVD so I put it in for her and was shocked to hear her identify nearly everything - baby, horse, woof woof, butterfly, flower, bubbles, ball, etc. She also knows several body parts (nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hair, feet, hand) and will say the name and point to it without being prompted! Not all of her words are clear and she still isn't really using them in conversation but I'll take identifying objects any day!! I've been worried that she was going to be delayed in the speech area so it is music to my ears to hear her learning so many words! I need to try to get her sweet little voice on video!

*Will's nursery is slowly coming together. It's funny how different things are the second time around - I am so laid back about the entire thing. I know it will be finished at some point but definitely not before he is here! I have ordered a rug and things for the walls but, they aren't in yet (and that lamp won't be in the room much longer). It is nearly impossible to take a picture of his room - it's tiny and the doorway is at a weird angle. Here's the best I could get the other night.

*We've been spending lots of time outside lately. We live in the city and don't have a usable backyard (it's basically big enough to let the dogs out) so we play in the driveway/ walk up and down our street when we aren't at the park. We needed some activities to entertain Kate out front so I got her a water table and can't wait to play with it - I put it together last night and am so excited to bring it out this afternoon!

* Kate is majorly teething right now. She is working on all four eye teeth and it is brutal. I'm so ready for them to just cut so she can hopefully have a break before her two year molars come in but, based on her history though, it will take 2+ months for all four to come in. I'm not looking forward to a teething toddler and a newborn in the house at the same time!

*Speaking of newborns, I'm pretty sure I've completely forgotten what it's like to have a newborn, get out with a newborn, etc. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten the newborn days because Kate threw up and screamed bloody murder 24/7 for 5 straight months but I am really going to have to think long and hard about things like packing a diaper bag again! Diapers and wipes only won't cut it! Formula, bottles, change of clothes, burp cloths! So many things! Whether I'm ready or not, I will be taking both kids up to Texas Children's for appointments when Will is about 10 days old! My mom will be here to help but I'm sure it will be rather eventful getting everyone out the door by 8:15am!

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Unknown said...

Will's nursery looks so sweet and relaxing!

Lauren said...

You look amazing!! Totally rockin the pregnancy! I'm looking for a water table for my daughter right now..she is just hitting 18 months.. Do you mind me asking which one you got for Kate?

Crossing my fingers for you to get the spinal but it's great your cool with it either way. Laid back is definitely the way to go. I admire your attitude.

Lucy Marie said...

The nursery looks so great so far! I love it. You have talent.

And ... whenever I read these kinds of posts I think I should have a notebook beside me to take notes because once I get to the comment box, I forget everything I thought of. :)

Jessica Hudson said...

LOVE the room!

You look amazing!

undomestic mama said...

You are so adorable! I'll have to check out that water table, I've been dying to get my kids one.

SummitTechnology said...

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