May 9, 2013

Brain Dump!

My brain is a big pile of mush these days. I can't even follow a list at the grocery and make it home with everything I need so there is no chance I can compose anything other than a brain dump blog post!

*No word on a new donor yet. I am getting extremely frustrated as we were told we should have heard something by Monday. Obviously that didn't happen. I'm trying to remain stress free about it all but, anyone who knows me, know I don't do stress free very well.

*We spent last weekend at the beach with my in-laws and it was wonderful! But oh my goodness a trip with a 1 year old and a 2.5 year old is exhausting!

*Upon our return home, we were greeting with the oh so lovely stomach flu. Thankfully Will and I have been the only victims thus far. I'm praying it stays that way. Alex has a man cold (and let's be honest, the man cold is just about the most annoying thing in the world) and I highly doubt I would be able to deal with him if he had a man cold and the stomach flu.

*We finally have contact with Kate's donor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes excessive exclamation marks are highly necessary.) It has been wonderful connecting with Lance and sharing details about Kate's journey! We've been talking to Kate about Lance and his family and while I don't think she understands everything just yet, she is extremely fond of having new people in her life! Just the other day she saw a picture of herself on my phone and said "Oh I so cute. Text dat to Ms Lacy!" Lacy is Lance's girlfriend and I love that I can keep them updated on Kate and send pictures of her their way!

*I don't think I've posted about it but Will's birthday party was a blast! It was very low key (only our closest friends here in Houston) but it was wonderful to have everyone at the house and enjoy fellowship with wonderful friends! Hopefully I will get around to uploading and editing pictures soon!

*I need to write a post about all of the hysterical things Kate says these days. She seriously keeps me laughing all day long.

*All of the #teamwill pre-order bracelets have shipped! Y'all should have them by now! I absolutely love seeing people post pictures of their bracelets on InstaGram and Twitter! For those of you that missed the pre-order event, I will be posting about our next round of orders Monday!

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Erin said...

I've loved the photos on Instagram lately. Will and Kate are both so adorable! Praying good news is headed your way about Will's donor!

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