February 25, 2014

Life is CRAZY!

There is no other way to describe our life right now that comically crazy. If you follow me on InstaGram this is all old news. But for those of you who don't, here is a snippet of our life over the past week.

Things are crazy because we move Wednesday. To temporary housing. Because we sold our house. And do not have a new house. More on that in another post. But we have movers coming Wednesday and officially close Thursday. It is extremely bitter sweet.

I'll start with some sweet! My amazing in-laws were in town last weekend and were so helpful! I had several hours at the house alone to pack. Not only are we packing to move but I am having to sort everything. What do we use on a daily basis? What can we go without for months until we find a house? Needless to say, it has been tedious work.

But I was able to step away from the packing last Monday and we loaded everyone up and headed to the Houston Zoo! Totally unprompted, Kate walked up to Will and said "Bubba, des are flamingos. Hold my hand. I'll lead you to dem. See dose gray ones? Dey are the babies. Dey'll be pink when dey eat more shrimp. Isn't dat cool? I saw dem when dey were eggs. You couldn't come den. But you can see dem now!"

And then my heart melted. And I cried. And I thanked the good Lord for every blessing He has shown our way. Two miracles. Healed. Living life. Perfection! (Side note: how grown does Kate look in her casual wear with her ponytail?)

Ok so back to crazy. A milk sippie got lost in my car. And then exploded. So my car smells like death. And we've been in it a lot as we run up to the apartment for this or that. Kate is not a fan and screams the first 15 minutes we are in the car about how nasty it smells and how she needs someone to hold her nose so she can take pictures or play on her iPad with both hands. Girlfriend is queen of the first world problem.

My kids are certain we don't need any furniture in the apartment. We were there Thursday (pre-flu - see next picture for details) to get the keys and they were in heaven. Too bad it is going to be filled to the brim come Wednesday. They are blurs b/c they were running so fast!

About an hour after we got back from the apartment, I started dying. Ok I'm being dramatic. But only slightly. I seriously was hit hard and fast and could not function by 5pm Thursday (2/20). I called Alex and begged him to come home early so I could make it to the RediClinic before they closed. I got there, they did a flu test, and sure enough, I was diagnosed with Influenza A. Before anyone asks, yes I got my flu shot. And before anyone tells me it is in effective, save your breath...or fingers...I will be getting the flu shot again next year. And all of the years after that. It isn't 100% effective. But I will always do anything in my power to avoid the misery I've been in since I came down with the flu. We all started Tamiflu in hopes of protecting Will and I am finally feeling a bit more human.

So I've mentioned we're moving. And packing. And then I got the flu. And had to wear a mask in order to contain my germs. Fever + sneezing + coughing + mask wearing is not fun. At all.

I was literally unable to do a single thing this entire weekend. Which meant Alex had to pack. And I witnessed this. No that is not garbage. That is my husband's packing method. Throw shit in a contractor bag. No joke. Unpacking should be loads of fun.

Thanks to the flu, this is the current state of my kitchen. Did I mention movers will be here in 36 hours? And that while Tamiflu has most likely lessened the impact, Will is now sick? Fever, snotty nose, fussy. Yep. Probably the flu. I have to bring him in this morning to evaluate him and I am just praying he is not admitted. Because I cannot imagine moving and closing while Will is in the hospital. Not to mention I would probably not be allowed on the BMT floor at all since I have the flu myself. It would just be insane to deal with.

So yes, life has been insane in the Boggan household. Packing, moving, flu, still searching for a house! Lots going on over here! 

All joking and dramatics aside, I'm so glad Alex was able to pick up my slack and that we are ready to make this move...and then do it again in the near future when we find our next house!


Unknown said...

All I can say is WOW, when it rains it storms. You have been through much worse and I'm sure you can handle this like a pro! (or just have wine, lots and lots of wine)

Ali said...

Oh my goodness! That sounds so overwhelming. Your husbands packing style is too funny. My husband would approve.
I'm sorry you got the flu! My daughter had an anaphylaxic reaction to the flu shot (1 in over a million chances) a few years ago and we still ALL get the flu shot because my son has primary immune deficiency and both kids have asthma. People thought I was crazy when we decided to vaccinate her again, 2 years after the reaction, but it was safer for her to risk a reaction than for my son to get the flu. I know the shot isn't perfect, but it is better than nothing - especially when everyone gets one. ...anyway, I can relate to your sentiments about the flu shot.
I hope Will isn't hospitalized and bounces back quickly! Blessings for your family's next adventure.

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