July 3, 2012

Slow down, sweet boy!

We pulled out the big boy toys yesterday and my heart wanted to cry.

How does my sweet 2.5 month old baby look so big?

Look at those thighs!  The head control! Everything looks so much older than 2.5 months to me!

I don't remember time flying this fast with Kate!  Maybe it's because she was so much smaller than Will (he's nearly 15 pounds now). Maybe it's because he is our second.  Maybe I am jaded and things went this fast last time too.  What ever it is,  it is very bitter sweet.

I know Will is my last baby and I am totally at peace with this fact.  We are so blessed that the Lord brought him to us - he defied the odds!  But my momma heart hearts that he has grown up so fast! 

I really wish I had a pause button and could cherish every little thing at slow pace!

Kate also seems so much older to me these days!  She is talking in sentences, has such a loving heart, and has become quite the helper!  She is filled with so much joy!

I am so excited to discover the next phase of parenting - Kate and Will playing together.  Kate discovering her imagination.  Spending time doing "boy mom" things like days at the ball park.  Taking on the role of not just parent, but of friend!

All of these things are dreams of mine that I cannot wait to fulfill. 

But that doesn't make the heartache of closing the newborn chapter of my life any easier!

Please tell me I'm not alone in being overly emotional about this!



Shannon Dew said...

He is getting so big but he's still SO so sweet and snuggly! KP was like 4 months when we put her in a jumper and I remember thinking that she was too little to go in it so I can imagine how you feel at 2.5 months!

Preston and Jordan's Mommy said...

I love the pictures your kids are so precious.

I don't normally post, but I have to say I can relate to this post exactly. I had my first son young and he is now 7 I don't remember time going so fast with him. I now have my youngest who is 2 and I cry because of how fast it all went. I know I won't be having anymore and I am okay with that, but I wish it didn't go by so fast I wish I could rewind for one day to that newborn phase or even watching him take his first step. Those little things that I will always cherish and remember are bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

He is growing so fast, and I just love those fat little legs!

Laura said...

He is growing fast! Grayson was so strong at 2 months & that is when we pulled out the jumperoo...I remember feeling the same way! You blink & they are out of that sleepy newborn phase!

I feel like Grayson will look huge & old to me as soon as Griffin is here later this month. I'm all of a sudden not ready for him to be the big kid!

Lucy Marie said...

NO WAY! It goes so fast. Tear. tear. tear.

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