July 20, 2012

Will - 3 months!

Let's all pretend that today is actually July 12, the day Will turned 3 months, and ignore the fact that I am a week late!  I'm actually patting myself on the back for only being a week late! Poor second child...
Let's also ignore the iPhone picture collage I am using to document this milestone.  I have "official" pictures on my real camera but my computer is in a non-functioning state right now which means I do not have access to my photo editing software and can't upload my real pictures!  I have so many pictures to share and will hopefully be back in the land of a working laptop soon!

So three months!  I can't believe my sweet Will is 3 months old! 

At three months Will is:

*Weighing in at 15.5 pounds.  I'm not sure about his length but I know that he is growing FAST!  I cannot believe he is so big! 
*Smiling and cooing up a storm!  He has even laughed a few times and he has a sweet deep belly laugh that melts my heart!
*Sitting up unassisted for 20-30 seconds at a time.  This one makes me sad - he is growing up so fast and seeing him sit BY HIMSELF is just too much for this momma!  He loves it though and wants to be sitting up looking around all day long!
*Loving his jumperoo and is learning how to make the music play/ play with the toys!
*Sleeping through the night and is still in the pack-n-play in our room.  He is probably ready to move to his room (and takes most of his naps there) but I am just too nervous to have him and Kate sleeping in rooms right next to each other.
*Taking about 30 ounces of formula a day!  The boy loves to eat!
*Napping 3 times a day - a short nap in the morning, longer nap mid day when Kate naps (PTL for simultaneous naps), and then again late afternoon for about an hour.  He takes his morning and late afternoon nap in his crib but most of his longer nap is spent cuddling with momma.

These past three months have been amazing!  I adore having a baby in the house again and watching Kate thrive in her role as big sister melts my heart!



Shannon Dew said...

He's so cute! He literally makes my ovaries ache!

Unknown said...

adorable! I love his outfit

Laura said...

Happy 3 months to your sweet boy! They grow up TOO fast!

Brittany said...

Happy 3 months Will. The picture in the top left corner is so cute!! His expression is adorable.

Erin said...

He gets cuter every single day!! I cannot even begin to believe his sweet face has been around for 3 months. Happy 3 months to Will!

Crystal Seed said...

Oh that face just kills me! I love it!

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