February 25, 2013

The Tale of the Vulgar Printable

This story is too funny to keep to myself! I hope I can give you a Monday morning laugh as you chug your coffee and attempt to motivate yourself to dive into yet another week!

We had a super exciting Friday night at the Boggan house. And by exciting I mean I drank a glass of wine while attempting to create a year round printable for our gallery wall. I have several seasonal printables I love, and use, but I wanted something for those "in between" times.

After I finished one, I called Alex over to look at it and this was our conversation:

Me: Hey babe - I just made this for our wall. Do you like it? I'm not sure if I do. I think I want something more formal with cursive.
Alex: Um, Linds. Why do you need curse words in a printable? What's it going to say? The bitchin Boggans? That's not appropriate to hang on our wall.
Me: {dying laughing} Why would I put the word bitchin on our wall?
Alex: You just said you didn't like this one you made and that you wanted cursing in it.
Me: {utilizing every ounce of my post two baby lack of bladder control} I said CURSIVE. As in script. Fancy. Formal.
Alex: Oh. Yeah that makes more sense.

We have laughed about this all weekend. We've even come up with vulgar printables for all of our friends!

Obviously, I didn't frame the naughty version to display in our house but every single time I look at that wall, I start laughing again! I'm sure this will be a joke for years to come!

I posted a picture of the real version on IG and twitter and instantly had people asking if I was selling these and if they could order one. After thinking about it I decide I've got nothing to lose and am officially taking orders! I've already sold, and sent, 10 family state printables! In one day! Wow!

Here is one of my favorites I've done (names/ locations changed for privacy):

Do you want one? Each custom family state printable digital file is $5 and it is super easy to order! Here's what you need to do:

Email me the following ( - please include State Printable in the subject line):
*Family name
*Est year
*City, State
*Color for wording/ state
*Color for location star
*PayPal email

As soon as I receive your payment, I'll start on your printable! As soon as it is complete, I will email you a digital file of your 8x10 printable! You will have your file within 4 days (most likely sooner) of paying!

See? Easy peasy!

And, if you'd like the vulgar version, just let me know! Ha!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Now I get what you guys were talking about. I saw this on Twitter. I love it. I have something similar.

You know you secretly hung the Bitchin Boggan one. ;)

Erin said...

Bahahaha. This is great!!

p.s. love the printable! Bitchin, or not :)

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