October 7, 2013

Glimpses of Normal

Last week was so incredibly good for my soul.

There's no denying that I am feeling rather trapped in our home due to Will's isolation restrictions. Simple things like spending the morning at the park are not options right now, especially as we get closer to the peek of cold and flu season. Will simply cannot be exposed to other germy kids. Add in the fact that Will can't be in direct sunlight due to the chemo he received and we are quite literally trapped inside day after day.

Thankfully, Will was cleared to go on neighborhood walks without his mask! When I heard the news in clinic, I was elated. It is just too hot here in Houston for him to have his huge mask on while in the heat which meant we didn't take him out often. Last week I started watching our driveway and backyard to see when they were shaded so Will could go outside!

We have about 30 minutes of shade out front every afternoon and you better believe we took advantage of it this week! I cannot even describe how much fun Will had running around our driveway. He was so excited to be outside!

Kate also enjoyed a bit of freedom as she was able to ride her big wheel down the sidewalk!

We are still living the hustle and bustle of post transplant life in terms of visits to the hospital. We were able to drop down to twice a week clinic visits which is awesome! Overall, Will is doing great. We just have to get his kidneys working like they should and get rid of these dang IV fluids!

I know most of y'all are sitting at home thinking "and afternoon outside in the driveway was good for this crazy lady's soul"? And while it may seen like something so small and insignificant, it feels so HUGE to me. Our life has not been normal for so long. We have gone through hell, twice, in less that 2.5 years. I have lived the majority of the past 3 years with a child in isolation. I've missed play dates, story time, and so much more because we've been completely absorbed in fighting  for our kids' lives and getting them healthy. I would miss play dates for the rest of my life if it meant both of my kids were healthy. But that doesn't make missing out on so many normal mom things any easier.

So playing in the driveway? With two kids who are either healed or recovering? Is huge.

It is the start to living a normal life with healthy kids.

These glimpses? They will soon be our norm. And I cannot wait!!!

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Ashlee said...

I'm sure that anyone who stops and thinks that you only get to leave the house with both kids when you go to the hospital would appreciate how good it is for you to get go outside even for a small amount of time!

I know that Kate still has appointments so I'm curious how it will be as things progress? Will K & W always have to be monitored? Will it ever stop completely?

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