October 14, 2013


We are back in the hospital.

Will had a routine clinic visit on Friday. When his nurse practitioner walked in with his labs, I knew something was "off". Will's labs were indicative of some type of infection - his white count was extremely high as was his ANC. However, he wasn't have any symptoms so we went home with instructions to keep a close eye on him.

In typical I-won't-be-sick-until-we-get-home fashion, Will spiked a temp of 103 the second we made it home from Texas Children's. We headed right back to the hospital and Will was admitted. His fever was extremely high Friday night (nearly 105) which prompted the doctors to take chest x-rays Saturday.

I'm so glad we did x-rays because Will does in fact have pneumonia. We aren't sure if it is bacterial, viral, or fungal so he is currently being treated with antibiotics (6 difference antibiotics, some IV, some oral) and antivirals. We are waiting on viral and fungal panels to see if meds need to be adjusted.

Will fever persisted Saturday and into Sunday but thankfully he spent most of the day Sunday fever free and it was looking like he would be discharged today (Monday) and sent home on oral antibiotics and antivirals. Unfortunately he spiked a fever again last night and we will not be going home until Wednesday at the earliest.

He has been fever free all day today which is great but due to the length of his high fever, the doctors want to see him fever free for a longer period of time before discharging us. If he has a fever tonight or tomorrow he will go for full body CT scans to see if we are missing anything major going on in his body. In theory, he shouldn't still be having high fever after the amount of meds he's had pumped into his little body which has his primary BMT doctor wondering if there is something else going on.

Pneumonia is never good for little babies his age but it is really not good for bone marrow transplant patients. We are praying Will can overcome this setback.

On top of the stress of a major medical issue with Will, we are now trying to figure out how this will impact our trip to Minneapolis to meet Kate's donor. Alex, Kate and I had plans to fly out Friday morning but at this point we are unsure who will be able to go.

Kate will be there. And she WILL meet Lance. We just don't know who will be with her.

If you don't mind, please pray for my momma heart. I am experiencing immense amounts of mom guilt right now. I feel like the worst mom for even considering leaving Will here in Houston (he will be in great hands with my in-laws) seeing as he is so sick. But I also feel like the worst mom ever for considering missing one of the biggest/ most important moments of Kate's life. I am prayerfully seeking guidance but I feel like I need a neon sign to appear telling me what to do.

And let's all rally together and pray for Will's health. Depending on the type of infection (bacterial, viral, fungal) Will could be facing months of IV treatment to recover. We need this to be a quick, easy fix so that he can continue on his road to recovery!

Thank you for all of the Facebook, Twitter, and InstaGram love y'all have sent my way these past 4 days - I know your support is what is getting us through this obstacle!


Kellie said...

Prayers for healing in Will and for peace for you and Alex as you make a difficult decision. Also prayers for safe travel and for a time of celebration with Lance.

Kim H. said...

Prayers for all of you - I'm sorry you are even having to make a choice like that. Prayers that Will is able to fight this quickly and keep moving forward with his recovery.

Mommato4miracles said...

Oh Lindsey, my heart aches for you. I am sorry for all you are going through with Will right now, but I am just praying for peace in your heart regarding the decision you make for this weekend. I haven't gone through what you have, but having one child in the hospital and not being there was horrific for me so I can relate there. Know that I am praying for you

Unknown said...

Please don't feel like the worst mom in the world b/c I'm always amazed at what an awesome, incredible mother you are! Will's needs will be met and he will be cared for by people who love him dearly. Hang in there, I think of you and your beautiful children often.

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