December 9, 2013

Oh hi!

World worst blogger right here! I can't believe it has been nearly two months since I have posted any type of substantial content on the blog! Life has been so busy and I've gotten in the slump of updating on InstaGram or the blog FaceBook page since it is much quicker than sitting down and blogging!

But, we've had big things happen over the past two months and have BIG things coming in the next few months!

So what have we been up to?

*Kate met her match - details of our amazing weekend with Lance at the annual Be the Match Council meeting to come! This picture is exactly how things went down - Kate ran right into Lance's arms and would not let go! It was by far the most precious moment I have ever witnessed and I'm certain there were few dry eyes in the ball room when these two finally met!!

*Will is recovering from his pneumonia. He's come off IV fluids, been put back on IV fluids, had more nasal washes than I can count, is still sporting "loud" lungs thanks to his initial pneumonia, and is now sporting an eye patch thanks to a lazy eye and vision issues. As far as his transplant and blood counts go, he is doing great! He's been 100% donor cells since he engrafted. We just need his other organs to catch up!

*We were cleared to take Will to the park as long as it isn't very crowded and he keeps his mask on! November 11 marked Will's first post transplant park trip! It included lots of laughs, tons of Clorox wipes, and many memories made! Also? When did my sweet Kate become such a little girl?? She is so grown these days!

*If you follow me on IG, you know that I've recently started on a new health/ fitness journey. After feeling unhealthy and blah for months I am finally putting my health as a priority and have been regularly working out for about a month now. I'm averaging about 15 miles of cardio a week (not huge but it's better than nothing) as well as some very minor strength training. I'm hoping to start a class like BodyPump or something similar soon! I am just so intimidated by those types of classes for some reason! I've also revamped my diet and while I wish the number on the scale would drop faster, I'm feeling so much more energetic these days!

*And here's a BIG one! WE ARE MOVING! No we aren't leaving Houston but we are leaving the city and finally migrating to the burbs! Alex and I have lived in the city for nearly 7 years. We've absolutely adored our time here but we knew at some point we would just know that our city living days were over. Well folks, that happened within the past month. Waking up to a stranger's vomit all over our house/ driveway/ garage door was just the push we needed to say goodbye to living a few blocks south from Houston's biggest bar scene and take up residence in the land of trees, Khol's, and minivans! We've never sold a home before so this will be quite the adventure! Let's not even talk about keeping a house show ready with a 3 year old and a 19 month old trapped inside most days!

I'm certain I will have lots to blog about as we prepare to list our house, start looking for a new home, and finally make the move to the burbs!

Now, let's hope I can take these snippets of our life over the past few months and actually blog about them!! I really do miss the outlet of writing and updating. I have so many thoughts floating around in my head and I truly hope I can prioritize my time so that blogging can fit back into my schedule!


Jennifer said...

I recently started reading your blog (don't even remember now how I found it), but your kids are too cute! I don't blame you for moving after that incident. We live in Houston suburbs and I have grown up here, so if you have any questions about areas, ask away!

The Goodins said...

The picture of Kate and Lance is priceless. Wow...what a moment. Praying for y'all!

yamilovesemma said...

I was worried about you, I've been checking your blog almost everyday.
Glad everythin is going sooo well.

Holly said...

I'm glad to see you're back! I tried to follow you via your bloglovin button but it didn't work. That photo of Kate in her donor's arms brought tears to my eyes. I wish you luck with your move- how exciting! I am an HGTV addict and am impressed with the amount of house you can buy in the Houston burbs compared to here in Colorado. Get one with a palm tree! haha!

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