October 11, 2011

Day +42: Occupational Therapy

Kate had a good clinic appointment yesterday.  Her counts are looking good and it appears as if her body might not be eating through platelets as quickly as it has been.  We'll know for sure tomorrow when we see where her levels are.  I'd imagine she'll need platelets by Friday but, I'll take 9 days between transfusions!  At one point she was being transfused with platelets twice a day so we are making progress.  Slow progress but, it's progress!

The biggest news from the appointment is that Kate will start occupational therapy as soon as we can get a home appointment set up.  Kate is going on 48 or 49 days of not eating and as of this week, it appears she no long has the ability to swallow anything thicker than water/ juice/ thin medicines.  She is still receiving IV nutrition through her central line but, Kate is showing signs of wanting to eat; she just can't.

Last night we fed her dinner and she shoveled food into her mouth.  She loved the taste and loved being able to put things in her mouth!  It was wonderful to see.  But, after chewing the food for a bit, and attempting to swallow it, all she could do was spit it out. 

I'm glad her doctors are taking this seriously and are willing to get Kate the help she needs.  Hopefully she will be eating after just a few therapy sessions so we can say goodbye to TPN!

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ABL said...

So happy she's making such good progress and is showing a desire to eat! Hope the therapy goes well. We're still praying for y'all!

Erin said...

Great to hear things are slowly making progress! Long story short, a good friend of mine's son had feeding issues from other things going on and could not swallow food either, with a little bit of OT he was doing amazing and now, coincidentally is a fantastic eater! Does Kate still need a restricted diet?

Jennifer said...

I'm happy to hear that at least some things are improving. Hopefully she will be able to eat again soon!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog since before Kate's diagnosis and I'm glad to see she is doing well! As a dietitian, I was just wondering why she is still on TPN? Is her mucositis still so bad that you can't feed her formula through a feeding tube? Sorry, just curious : )

The SLP said...

I hope a swallow evaluation is included in her OT.

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