October 14, 2011


*Kate had an awesome clinic visit this morning!  I'm excited to share that for the first time EVER (on day +44), Kate's platelets increased on their own, without the need of a transfusion!  Her platelet count is still low but, it made a 10% increase in two days!  We are hoping platelet transfusions are behind us and that this upward trend continues!

*Kate colored a picture for her donor and we dropped it off with our coordinator today.  I hope that he likes her artwork!

*I ordered Kate's "Happy Fall" cards from Pear Tree Greetings today and they are darling!  I'm not sending out many (just to close friends and family) but I can't wait for everyone to get them!  Speaking of PTG, I will be hosting a Christmas Card giveaway next week - be sure to check back so you can have a chance to win a $30 credit towards their beautiful 2011 Christmas line!

*If you've never shopped at SheShe Made, run to their website and order something!  I've gotten to know Ashley over the past few months and she is wonderful - and her clothes are precious!  We have several smocked items (she has the best prices on Anavini) as well as personalized items.  Kate is going to be quite the SheShe baby this holiday season!  Just a little FYI, Ashley didn't ask me to say anything and I am not being compensated for posting this.  I just really love to support other moms and SheShe Made is a wonderful company!

*I am going out to lunch with a few girlfriends this weekend and I am SO excited!  I have not been anywhere other than our house and Texas Children's since Kate was admitted the first time (August 9).  I cannot even begin to explain how needed this girl time is!

*My ILs are coming out for Thanksgiving which means we will have live in babysitters for a few days.  I can't wait to leave the house with Alex and hang out - just the two of us.  I'm a bit neurotic about who I will leave Kate with.  I've actually only left her with her old nanny.  So, I'm excited to have people that I trust - and that love Kate - here!  Date night here we 1.5 months!

*I am in a big time indoor activity rut with Kate.  We have toys, puzzles, crafts, etc but I feel like she is getting bored.  Feel free to leave suggestions about fun things you do with your kids.  A few guidelines - we live in the city and don't have space for bigger toys and we need to avoid water activities as Kate's central line dressing needs to stay dry.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Ashley said...

Kate coloring the picture? ---ADORABLE!
I share a deep love for SheShe Made, too. I seriously need to block the website-ha!

As far as activities go, have you tried a rice/bean box? Maybe put toys in there for a little treasure hunt? Or maybe playdoh? Kaidence loves playdoh and it entertains her for a while!

Andrea said...

You may already have one but my girls really loved their ball pit when they were Kate's age! I think I orders it from toys rus. Praying for you all each day!

The Swanbergs said...

In terms of indoor activities-have you tried making your own edible playdough? Lots of recipes out there, just google it. Also, "finger painting" is fun. Edible things like pudding, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. smeared around on their high chair tray. Youc an even get really artsy and dye vanilla pudding different colors. I do this with my 16-month-olds a lot. Oh, and dance parties! My babies LOVE dance parties! GL!

Ellie said...

I would prefer Salvation Army seconds to She She Made clothes. What to some is beautiful is fugly to others. Enjoy your lunch with the girls. You certainly deserve a break.

Genna said...

The platelet news is the best news I've seen in a LONG time!! Way to go Kate!!

Jaxxy said...

So glad Kate's platelets are up! My daughter LOVES making pillow forts. We take the cushions off of the sofa for a little while and make a fort she can crawl into, and then she demolishes it. It's her favorite activity!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsey, I've been following your blog for a bit and that's exciting news for y'all! I'm not sure if you're on Pinterest, but if not - go check it out. There are so many activities on the Kids and Education boards. If you haven't heard of it, it's basically online cork boards for anythIng you like, from fashion to gardening. ~Sam

citygirlcooks said...

I second the ball pit - I came on to suggest it! I don't know how much space you have, but if you use a small pool or an inflatable one it shouldn't be too bad. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I second the pillow/blanket fort idea. She also may enjoy music-making toys - jingle bells, maracas, maybe even a drum (if you're up for it).

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