October 21, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget!

I read a wonderful post from Katie over at Loves of Life this morning and after swooning over how precious Emeline is and freaking out that Kate is so far from advanced in the speech area I decided that I wanted to borrow her idea and jot down some things Kate is currently doing that I just don't want to forget.  Thank you for the inspiration Katie!

So, here are some things I don't want to forget about my sweet 14 month old who is a walking miracle!

*Kate loves music.  I'm talking completely obsessed.  She claps to the beat of any and every song (this is new - started this week).  She has much more rhythm than her momma. 

*Girlfriend loves to dance.  And she doesn't need to hear music to bust out her moves.  Her favorite time to dance is when we are waiting in clinic and other patients/ parents are paying her attention.  It's as if she knows she's the center of attention and needs to bust a move to show off!  Lately, her dancing starts off by shaking her head (it looks like she's saying no).  Quickly, the dancing takes over her sweet little body and she gets her grove on. 

*Every evening, when she hears the garage door open, she drops whatever she is doing and waits at the landing for Alex to walk in.  She loves her Daddy so much and is filled with complete joy when he gets home. 

*Despite not saying any words yet (insert mom freak out here) Kate loves to talk.  She has her own language and babbles non-stop all. day. long.  I cannot wait until I know what she is trying to say.  I can tell she gets frustrated when she wants something and is babbling to me but I just can't understand.

*Toothbrushes are by far her favorite thing right now.  We have to do a special mouthwash daily and Kate gets so excited when she sees us getting her mouthwash out!  As I type this, Kate is playing in the living room with a toothbrush hanging out of her mouth.  Maybe she's a future dentist?  All I know is that I will not argue with a child that is obsessed with dental hygiene!

*Around 6pm Kate is due for two medications (zofran and blood pressure meds).  Alex is always home, and usually holding Kate, when I attempt to give her the meds.  Without fail, she gives Alex a giant hug and covers her face.  It's as if she is loving on him in hopes of getting out of taking her medicine!

*Any and everything gets a hug.  The dogs, her toys, her nurses.  Anyone!  I'm pretty sure she would hug strangers if she was able to be around them!  She carries her babies around loving on them most of the day and will give them a big kiss if you say "KK, give your baby some sugar."

*She is always so excited to see me in the mornings and after naps!  It warms my heart when she reaches up for me.  Lately, naps have ended in tears (not sure what's up with that) and Kate wants to cuddle/ rock for 10-15 minutes before she's really ready to get up.  I am cherishing these cuddle moments as I know they will be gone before we know it.

*Speaking of sleep, a lovie, mikny blanket, and scary cat must be in her crib when she sleeps.  Scary cat is exactly what it sounds like, a stuffed cat that is so scary looking.  However, Kate thinks it awesome and pets it while she sleeps. 

*Toddler tantrums are here in full force.  If you take something away from Kate, tell her no, or do something that she isn't a fan of, be prepared for a full on fit.  I'm talking screaming, alligator tears, arched back, head hitting floor all out fit.  Thankfully distraction works pretty well to end these fits.  Like Katie mentioned, I think God makes out babies so precious and loveable so that we can see past these fits!

I could go on and on (but who couldn't go on about their kid) but for now, these are the things I want to remember


Shannon Dew said...

Don't feel bad about the talking. KP doesn't really say anything either, just a lot of babbling.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Eme went through a phase at that age where she wanted to KISS everyone. It was super embarrassing when she leaned in tried to kiss our waiter at a restaurant once...she even did the whole "Mmmmmahhh" sound too. lol.

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

I laughed out loud at the dancing paragraph! So adorable! I think most babies just babble at 14 months anyway so don't freak out! Kate is such a miracle baby and oh so beautiful!

Sam said...

My little guy is also 14 months (born 8/8/10) and he JUST started saying his first three words within the last week. He now says Mama, Dada and Bye Bye, but really only when prompted ("Can you say...").

Will had brachycephaly and needed a corrective helmet for five months, and our doctor said special medical circumstances can delay development in certain areas, since kiddos are so focused on other things going on their lives. He said it's completely normal, especially if other development is mostly on track. So hang in there, she'll be talking in no time!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Don't feel bad about the talking. Some kids pick it up earlier than others. But when she gets one word, she'll have tons. Just you wait!

I love that she just hugs so much. That's such a precious stage :)

Caydee said...

I am so glad baby Kate is doing well...I've been keeping your family in my prayers. I am so glad everything is turning around for your family...Baby Kate is as cute as ever...and I'm sure she is HAPPY to be home! You guys will stay in my prayers for a loooong time!!!!

Lindsay said...

Very sweet post. Hope y'all are doing well.

Lindsey said...

Such a sweet post!! I'm sure your sweet baby girl's toddler talk will turn into words very soon! My older daughter didn't speak until she was almost 2 and now has the vocabulary or a 4 yr old at 2 1/2- hehe- praying all continues to go well at home :)

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