November 28, 2011

We've been busy!

I feel like I've totally neglected this blog lately.  We've just been busy - and Kate is currently dealing with major sleep regression which has this pregnant lady completely exhausted.  I'm not doing so well functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep.  Neither is Kate.  Toddler breakdowns are such a joy.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Alex's parents here in Houston.  Nothing big - just visiting.  Kate enjoyed the time with her grandparents but I think she was a little over stimulated by all of the action.  Her life has solely consisted of me, Alex, and Texas Children's since August so adding more into the mix is overwhelming at first.

We took Kate on her first post transplant outing - in her mask of course!  Pictures to come of our visit down to the Festival of Lights in Galveston.

We enjoyed some down time with Alex since he took a full week off of work! 

We've spent time worrying about Kate's platelets and subsequent increase in bruising from simply brushing up against something. They have made a dramatic drop over the past 1-2 weeks and have everyone a little concerned. We sent an engraftment study off to make sure Kate isn't losing her graft (worst case scenario). Her doctors have also sent off several viral studies to see if she has a virus that is impacting her platelets (best case). We should hopefully know more at her appointment tomorrow.

We've decorated for Christmas and learned the joys of a toddler and a Christmas tree.  Let's just say my tree is only decorated on the top half!

We made the decision to stay in our current home in the city.  This was a big decision as I was feeling extremely stressed out about adding another baby to our "DINK" non baby friendly home.  However, after lots of planning, many discussions, and several posts on Craigslist to get rid of everything in our current office/ guest room, we are confident in our decision to stay put.  You just can't beat being 10 minutes from Alex's job and 15 minutes away from Texas Children's.  The thought of being 45+ minutes away from home during Will's transplant was just not appealing at all!  And, I love that I will be 15 minutes away from both of my kids which will allow for more time with them and less time driving to them!

We attempted to take a picture of two dogs and a 15 month old for the Christmas card.  I'll go on the record and say this was not my idea.  And it was a HUGE fail.  But, the pictures are so incredibly funny - Kate's faces, Ollie's faces, and Sadie's old lady attitude about life gave us several laughs as we flipped through them!  I just may have to post them so y'all can laugh too!

But, most importantly, we've been busy enjoying our family and friends during this holiday season!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and is getting into the Christmas spirit!  Pictures of everything that's been going on to come!

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NoPermanentAddy said...

Yay for staying in the 'hood! One day we'll live in the same place again!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to see those pictures! :)
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