September 11, 2012

Bestest Besties EVER!

Yes, I just posted a bikini picture of myself. Yes, I just had a baby 5 months ago. Please be kind. I still have like 10 pounds to lose. Also? My arms look double jointed or something.

If you follow me on InstaGram or Twitter you are very well aware of the fact that I've been on my first kid free girls trip since I gave birth to Kate!

That's right! It may have taken me two years to leave my babies but I finally did it and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've made in a long while!

We started planning this trip MONTHS ago. I've had a countdown on my phone for ages.

However, when Will got sick nearly two weeks ago, there was some question as to whether or not this trip would actually happen.  Thankfully my in-laws were already planning on coming out to help Alex with the kids. Add in the fact that my mother-in-law had a wonderful conversation with me last Tuesday that made me feel like it was ok to leave and plans remained! (I am so blessed by my in-laws! They would do anything for us which makes decisions like getting away so much easier!)

Thursday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and headed to the airport to fly to Birmingham. Yes this was a beach trip but there was no way I was making Erin drive 5+ hours on her own! I needed all of the girl time I could get and I must say our drive down was such a treat! We had such a great time just talking - without any distractions!

Erin and Barbie are two of my dearest friends from college. Surprisingly, the three of us didn't hang out together, as a group, while in college. Barbie and I met the day I pledged my sorority. Erin and I met in a summer Maymester finance class. I totally facebooked her after noticing her name on an attendance sheet because I thought we could be great friends. Good thing I was right or else I may be in jail on stalker charges.  I even set her and her now husband up!

Thank you Zuckerberg for allowing our friendship to start.

Ok. Back to our trip!

We seriously had an amazing time and it was exactly what this exhausted momma needed!

Thursday night we did a bit of shopping and ate at a restaurant we will never return to again.
My children did not get my blue eyes. It makes me slightly sad.

Friday we drank like we were still in college had a great time and enjoyed a few adult beverages. The condo fridge never would have looked like this. We are way too sophisticated to only have alcohol in the fridge. So we stole this picture from someone else.  We also would never have drunk girl dance parties on the beach.  Ever. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

While we were on the beach a sweet lady walked by and offered to talk some pictures of all three of us.  Bless her heart. She knows what is is like to take a Yaya trip and not have a photographer. Her sweet husband waited patiently as she snapped so many wonderful pictures!

We headed to Cosmos Friday night - if you are ever in the Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach/ Perdido Keys area RUN to Cosmos. The food was delicious and the drinks?

 Oh my! Sweet tea martinis? YUM! Drinking with a straw is optional.

Also optional? Taking selfies all day long...and getting FRIED. I am still so red and in pain. And my "girls" need a lift.

After dinner we headed to the Florabama. It was a no picture, no phone, no facebook, twitter, no instagram night. We'll leave it at that.

Unfortunately Barbie (aka the super fun friend who keeps things exciting) had to leave us to go raise money for Mississippi State (Hail State - so glad we killed Auburn) so Erin and I settled into our normal granny roles which included eating yummy food, getting mani/ pedis, and sleeping.

While I was sad to see Barbie leave, it was nice to have some laid back time enjoying our lovely condo and resting up! I will take all of the uninterrupted sleep I can get these days!

It was SO hard to leave Kate and Will. I literally fought back tears all day Thursday. But my goodness this trip was so amazing for my soul! There is nothing like time with your yayas away from all responsibility!

But I must say, when I got home, and had two sweet babies rejecting my desire for a "mommy is home" picture, I knew I was in *MY* heaven.

The beach may be wonderful but these two miracles (and their daddy) are my purpose in life!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

When you get to do special trips like this, doesn't it *almost* feel like you're leading a double life?! lol. I feel this way when I get out without the kids, or go away overnight, or on a trip with just Declan and I. Like, right now we look like newlyweds, or we look like college girls partying, etc--but really, my head is back at home in my pink fluffy robe with my babies hanging off of me ;)

Glad you got some good time away, lady. It helps keep us refreshed as mothers!

Erin said...

I love everything about this post except my jealousy over how amazing you look and you just had a baby 5 months ago! For real girlie, you look great! Thisgetaway sounds amazing. I'm so glad Will was well enou for you to feel good abut leaving. You may have inspired me for a getaway as well :)

Sarah said...

You so deserved this trip! SO glad all worked out and you got to focus on YOU for a bit!!! :) Loved seeing all your photos on twitter/IG!!

Allison said...

I have to admit it's funny to me that I've been following your story since the Bump days with Kate, and yet our paths cross in so many ways. My in-laws condo is right up the road from Cosmos :)
Looks like a fun trip. I'm glad you got some time away.

Angie said...

Such a FUN trip - that you SO deserved, mama!! It is so good for the soul!

And? Hot mama!!! You look fabulous - so glad you had such a great time with your girlfriends.

Colleen said...

Girl, you look awesome!! My youngest is 3 and I still won't wear a bikini! Glad you had a great time. Your IG pictures were making me very jealous!

Jen Watts said...

yay for your girls trip momma! I'm sure it was hard to leave the babes, but we ALL need time to recharge. you look beautiful!

The Chrest Family said...

Looks like you had a great time! You deserve it!

PS you look Fab

Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! You look awesome btw!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

so glad you were able to get away for this trip! time with my girls like this absolutely refreshes me and helps make me a better Mama. there's nothing like missing them a bit to make you cherish that time :)

and ps- you look awesome lady!

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