August 16, 2010

I wonder how close they will be?!?!

I had my final ultrasound today and we did growth measurements!  Per the measurements, Kate is about 6.5 pounds right now - and she had the hiccups during the scan.

I know the measurements can be off by a pound in either direction.  So, here's to wondering how big she will be.

What do y'all think?  Will she be smaller?  Bigger? Right about what they guessed?

Only 2.5 more days until we will know for sure!!!


Greg said...

So you've got a pound in either direction? Start a pool where people can buy an ounce for 10 bucks, winner takes half, the house takes half, and you got some diaper money in the bank!

Megan and David said...

I say 6 lbs 3 oz. Perfect little peanut : )

Jennifer said...

It depends on how good their machines are. When they did mine they said they are always with in 5 oz. With my little guy they were only off by 3 oz. Not too shabby!

Erin said...

i bet they are pretty close, 2 days before Mason was born they measured 6lbs 12oz and that is EXACTLY what he was!

Lindsay said...

I think they'll be right on track.

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