August 30, 2010

We are surviving!

We've been busy since my mom left.  Who knew someone so little could generate so much laundry?!?!

We are good but tired and seem to be dealing with a gassy baby - with the worst hours being between midnight and 3am.  We tried gas drops last night but I didn't really notice any difference.  Hopefully we grow out of this soon - and I will be talking to the Pediatrician about it on Thursday when we go back.

I'll leave y'all with a picture from this weekend!  Thanks for the precious cupcake outfit Lala!

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Jennifer said...

Often I feel like I'm constantly washing bottles and doing laundry. That's definitely tiring in itself. As for the gas, did you buy the name brand drops? My SIL swears that only the name brand works. Also apparently they only work as a preventative and you have to use them before your baby eats. I'm always learning something new these days.

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