August 25, 2010

Little Miss Piggy!

We just got back from our first Pediatrician appointment today!

My mom drove me and the baby and Alex met us there.  I was kind of nervous about Kate's (I am still flip flopping - I'm sure I'll be inconsistent about what I call her for a while) weight since she dropped several ounces while in the hospital. 

I took some pictures while we waited!

Mimi and a sleeping bow head!  (My iPhone is next to her b/c I was shocked that it was bigger than her head - I forgot to take it off before taking this picture but it really shows how small she is.)

Daddy calming down a screaming baby - she was not a fan of getting naked for the scale!

Everything looks great!  Here are the stats:

Weight: 6lbs 4.5oz
Length: 19.25 inches
Head Circumference: 13.25 inches

So, little Miss Piggy (who is up to 2.5-3 oz of formula every 3 hours) has surpassed her birth weight!  The doctor was impressed with her eating and her weight gain.  Everything else looked awesome too!

We go back next Thursday and will discuss spreading out her nighttime feeds at that appointment.  Our Pediatrician doesn't like to change feeding patterns until around 14 days since weight gain/ loss can be so up and down during that time.  Moving to 4 hours between feeding would be great!  But, if it isn't healthy to go that long we will be happy with our 3 hour stretches we are getting now!

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Lindsey said...

LOVE the bow hat! She is so cute =)

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