September 13, 2010

Another trip to the Pediatrician

After a weekend filled with tons of spit up and a fussy baby, we headed back to the Pediatrician's office this afternoon.

Kate had her one month well baby check up scheduled for later this week so we just bumped that up and included a talk about her current issues.

First off, please tell me how I already have a baby that is having a one month well baby visit?  I mean really?  A month (not until next Monday but she'll be 4 weeks on Thursday)?  That is crazy!!!  I want to stop time and enjoy my sweet cuddly little girl while we is still sweet and cuddly!

Here are her stats (my doctor doesn't give percentiles until 6 months - kind of irks me but oh well):

Weight: 8 pounds 0.5 ounces (say what?)
Length: 21 inches
Head circumference: 14.75 inches

I have no clue where she falls on the growth chart for a 4 week old but I can tell you she loves to eat and is growing!

Hanging out while waiting on the doctor!

After talking about all of her tummy/ spit up issues, the doctor agreed that she is showing classic reflux signs.  Given that all of our formula changes haven't helped, we started on Zantac today.  I'm hoping that it helps her feel better!

Our next appointment is in 2.5 weeks and we will be getting all of her vaccinations then - I am already not looking forward to that...


Catherine said...

I have twin boys that are now five, but they both had reflux as babies, we also tried 8 different formulas before finding out it didnt really make a difference with the reflux. I also used zantac with them, but it doesnt stop the reflux, only suppose to try and stop the fussiness associated with it. I found that it didnt work that great, they usually spit the zantac up as well, in the end they grew out of it at about 8 weeks or so. So you are 1/2 way there!! As for the percentiles, you can google "infant growth charts" and get tons of calculators to look at precentiles. Time does fly, I swear I just had mine, and they just started kindergarten!!

shay said...

Adorable picture! Hope the meds work for the reflux!!!

Sumer said...

Baby growth chart

that is the one I use and it is the exact same percentiles that my doctor uses.

Happy 1 month!! PS praying zantec works!! We are having formula issues too...

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