September 21, 2010

Forever Thankful

There are two people that I owe thanks to for the rest of my life!

By now everyone knows that Alex and I struggled with infertility for a little under two years.  During that time, we had many "downs" and not so many "ups".  They say infertility is a roller coaster but in reality, it is more like an uncontrollable free fall until that magical moment when you see your baby on ultrasound for the first time (and then for us recurrent pregnancy loss girls, it doesn't really turn magical until you hold your baby and bring them home).

I never would have survived that journey without my amazing Reproductive Endocrinologist - Dr. Witz.  He is funny and knew just what to say to pull me out of whatever funk I was in when he saw me.  He also knew how to handle my very control freak, type A personality.  For the record, being type A works great when working for a major Oil and Gas company; it doesn't work for great when dealing with infertility.

Monday morning, I got myself ready, got Kate ready in a super cute outfit, put the dogs in their room, and headed to visit Dr. Witz.  It was so special to have him meet the product of his dedication to my treatment and success!

I am so thankful for his dedication, support, and comic relief during the hardest phase of my life thus far!
Kate and Dr. Witz

The second person I am so thankful for is my Perinatologist - Dr. Hare.  Alex and I were shipped to the high risk specialist for several reasons when I was 7 weeks pregnant.  Dr. Hare was wonderful at our first appointment.  Unfortunately, things went down hill pretty quickly after that appointment and we were faced with some very heartbreaking issues during my first trimester.   Those complications had me a nervous wreck throughout my pregnancy.

Without question, Dr. Hare took me under her super busy wing and saw me every week for 13 weeks - then every other week until 32ish weeks pregnant - then back to every week.  I was spoiled with an ultrasound every appointment because she knew it would ease my anxiety.  She helped me work through coping with some of the issues we faced with such care and concern for my well being.  She made sure the best doctors worked on my case with her when determining the best delivery options.  She put in calls to hematologists, cardiologists, therapists, and anyone else she knew that she thought would be able to weigh in on the best options for mine and Kate's care.  She was also not afraid to openly pray for the well being of my baby.

She went above and beyond her call of duty as my doctor.  Simply put, she was amazing and one of the main reasons I kept it together (for the most part) during the 38 weeks I was pregnant.  Her only downfall is that she is an Alabama fan!

Dr. Hare, Kate, and I less that 24 hours after delivery (please excuse how horrible I look)

These two amazing doctors have helped me become a mom to a wonderful baby girl.  I will never be able to thank them enough for the beautiful gift they have given me.  I wish there was something I could do that would let them both know how much they mean and Alex and I. 

Until I figure out what that something is, a hand written note and some Red Velvet Crave Cupcakes (Dr. Hare's favorite) will have to suffice.


Megan and David said...

This brought tears to my eyes! They look so proud to see what they created : )

MJ said...

Isn't finding an amazing doctor worth all it's weight in gold? Congrats on finding two amazing people that are so dedicated to their work.

I am so excited to show my docs what they helped make possible:)

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