September 11, 2010

Random Weekend Update!

Just some randomness from our weekend so far!

1. We took K over to our friend's house for the State game on Thursday!  She did great and it made me feel good to know that she is portable.  She put on a good act and didn't cry at all while we were there - she saved that for us during the hours of midnight and 5am.  However she did decide to go poop on her Aunt Julia - not very lady like but what can we do?  Fun times!

2. I redneck weighed K on Friday and I think she is about 7lbs 4-5oz!  Baby girl is growing up.  (For those of you that aren't familiar with a good ole redneck weigh - weigh yourself, cry that you haven't lost any weight in a solid 4 days, step off the scale, pick up your baby, step back on the scale, and see how much weight you gain by holding your baby).

3. We got out of the house again today.  We went to Babies R Us for some things and to use up some gift cards we have and to Toys R Us to pick up a birthday present for my nephew.  We then headed to Academy so Alex could pick up a new fishing rod.  After that we headed to Five Guys for lunch.  Kate slept the entire time - she is getting really good at this "I am the perfect baby that never makes a peep" act!

4. Our birth announcements came in and they are beyond beautiful!  I absolutely love them!  I am in the middle of addressing them all!  While I am thankful for all of the friends and family that want to know about the arrival of our sweet baby girl, my hand is dying from all of the envelops I have to address (I have exactly 144 to send out - yes that is out of control - oh well).  (Jess - I just couldn't do labels - they will all be hand written.  Ugh - I hate being so type A.)  I'll show them off once I know everyone has gotten them!

5. We have started making our travel plans for the upcoming months!  I cannot wait to have friends in town, to head back to Jackson, and to head to Orlando!  I know our families are dying to meet the baby and I can't wait to show her off.  I'd be lying if I didn't mention that a small part of my excited for these trips is buying and planning out all of Kate's outfits.  I mean, she needs to be dressed to impress when she meets her Great Grandmothers!  And, she needs to coordinate with her cousins when we get their picture made with Santa!

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