November 10, 2010

Cutie Pie!

I took this with my phone tonight!  Kate love to hang out with Daddy and watch the news!  She is totally enamored by the TV and would not stop watching it to look at me for the picture.

We had an appointment with a Pediatric GI today.  It looks like Kate's stomach is emptying too slow which is causing all of the projectile vomiting she is having.  We are starting a new medication for a week to see how she does.  If it helps, and we see some improvement, she will stay in this medicine.  If it doesn't help we will have to look into some other things. 

I'm just glad to have a plan!!


Max said...

I'm so glad you are getting somewhere! T&P's this medication works!!!

Mama Fee said...

Hope she feels better! :(

Lauren said...

So glad to hear that some answers are coming, even slowly....

Sweet little Kate is still as beautiful as ever, of course!

and I love the pic with the fur-babies!

Jennifer said...

Oh my cuteness!!!! Here's to hoping that this new medication works!

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