November 23, 2010

Pear Tree Greetings Winner!

I am just now getting around to selecting the winner for the Pear Tree giveaway. 

We decided to head out of town a day early so we are recovering from a long drive all last night.  Night driving was the key and Kate slept the entire way!!!

So, on to the winner!

I used  There were 25 entries (one comment didn't count as an entry as it was someone just leaving their e-mail address).

My sweet friend Brittany was lucky #16!  I hope we make the Christmas card cut so I can see what you buy!!  I'll e-mail you the instructions on how to redeem your $30 gift certificate in the next few days!

For those of you that did not win - be sure to check out Pear Tree's Promo Code Page for discounts on all of your favorite paper products!!

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