November 3, 2010

We love to stand!!

I was trying to take pictures of Kate today with her sitting on the couch.  She was not a fan.  So, I tried to see if she would stand up against the arm of the couch since standing is her new favorite thing.


I have a feeling I will be seeing a look similar to this when she is a teenage. 
So much attitude!

Getting excited about standing up!  But of course her smiles go away as soon as the camera comes out.

Standing like a big girl!

Back to being serious...

And of course no photo shoot is complete without a mega spit up.  This one ran down the couch and splatter on the floor leaving a circle about 3.5 - 4 inches in diameter.  Oh the joys of a baby with reflux issues!

Family pictures are on for tomorrow!  I still don't have an outfit.  It is rainy and cool here today and I didn't really want to get Kate out in it.  So, hopefully I will be able to find something tomorrow.


Unknown said...

She has such large eyes. Love them!

Max said...

Omg Kate is soooo adorable! Cutest little face.

Em loves to stand too! Em has developed a little bit of reflux, and standing seems to be the only thing that gets her to stop crying and feel a bit more comfy. Do you find that to be true for Kate too?

A style blog said...

She's too freaking cute. Spit and all!

kim said...

She gets more beautiful by the day, Lindsey.

MJ said...

Lindsay she looks just like you!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Can't imagine where she gets her attitude from. LOL

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