November 30, 2010

Our Wonderful Thanksigiving!

This is going to be long - and have lots of pictures - but, I want to make sure I recap our wonderful visit to Mississippi for Kate's first Thanksgiving!

We loaded up the card around 7:30pm last Monday night to start our 445 mile drive to Jackson, MS.  Kate fell asleep right before we put her in the car and stayed asleep until we pulled into Alex's parent's driveway.  Can I tell you how awesome 7 hours without an awake baby with my husband was?  It was wonderful to talk, catch up, joke around, and just enjoy each other's company without having to stop mid sentence and tend to a baby.  And, it was extra awesome because neither of us was stressed wondering if Kate was ok - we knew she was since she was just in the back seat!

Tuesday was a laid back, hang out at the house kind of day.  Alex and I were exhausted from driving all night and Kate was a bit out of sorts being in a new environment.  As you can tell from this picture, Kate and Alex were a bit cranky from the drive.

Alex and his Dad went fishing on Wednesday while Mrs. Cheryl (my MIL) and I did some shopping.  I got a new iPhone 4 and picked up some precious clothes for Kate!  Alex's great Aunt and Uncle (Nellnee and James) stopped by the house to meet Kate later that day but she was a bit cranky.

We spent Thanksgiving day at Alex's Grandmother's house.  Mrs. Williamson loved loving on sweet Kate. 

Alex, Kate, and Mrs. Williamson


Friday afternoon we headed to Nell and James' house for lunch.

Me and my sweet girl!

James played with Kate on the floor for such a long time!  It was so cute to watch!  She would roll to her back and he would flip her back over...over and over again!

Kate took a little nap on her Nellnee!
Alex's Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle drove up to Jackson on Saturday for the day.  It was wonderful to visit with them - and extra wonderful that we didn't have to make the drive down to Brookhaven!

Bebe (Alex's mom), Great MaMaw (Alex's Grandmother), Kate, and Poppy (Alex's Aunt)

Bebe loves Kate!

Bebe, PaPaw, and Kate!

My sweet family!  And why did I think horizontal stripes would be cute
 3 months after having a baby?

Giving PaPaw some smiles!

Sunday morning we left Jackson to make the 2.5 hour drive to the Coast to have lunch with my grandmother, uncle, and cousin.  It was wonderful to visit with them!

Me, Uncle Johnny, Kate, and Nana

My grandmother would not look up at the camera - she just wanted to look at Kate!

After lunch we drove an hour to my home town for a quick visit.  We got back on the road around 5pm to head back to Houston.  We got stuck in a horrible traffic jam in Baton Rouge but, made it back home around midnight. 

We had such a wonderful time visiting our family and introducing Kate to everyone! 


kim said...

What wonderful pictures! I am so glad you had a great trip. Kate is precious as always!

nikinikinine said...

Kate is obviously adorable, but I have to say, you look GREAT woman! Like you've completely bounced back already! Good for you!

Angela said...

Love all the pictures!

Mama Fee said...

She slept the whole drive! How awesome! So smart to leave around her bedtime!!!

Mindy said...

So antebellum southern referring to your husband's family with a title rather than their names, like something out of Gone With the Wind.

Mama Fee said...

P.S. I nominated you for a blog award. Do it if you want! I know some people don't (I usually ignore them). It's on my blog! :)

Max said...

Love that little sweet baby girl! You look fantastic, stripes and all silly girl!

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