December 15, 2010

20 Years Ago Today....

We got a new fence at our house on Ramsey Drive in New Orleans. 

And my mother went into labor with her third child.

I left for school that morning wondering if we would actually have a baby this time as my mom had a few rounds of false labor.

School was almost over when my mom's best friend, Mrs. Jenny, walked into my classroom with blue cupcakes!

I had a baby brother!  A big baby brother weighing it at almost 10 pounds.

I've loved that kid so much since the day I met him. 

We are far enough apart in age to not bicker yet close enough to be great friends.  I value my friendship with him - and love that he is comfortable enough with me to come to me with problems, questions, and to see advice.

He is witty, charming, rocks a bow tie like none other, and is quite the Southern Gentleman.  I would typically take a moment to try and set him up with a cute girl.  But, he met a sweet girl recently and I'm pretty sure they are getting serious!  I get to meet her Friday and cannot wait!

He is still my big little brother as he towers over me - he is almost 6'4"! 

Happy Birthday Justin - I hope you have a fantastic day!  Love you so much!!  And Happy Birthday fence - I think of you every year!  Haha!


Megan and David said...

What a cutie ; )

Beanie said...

I laughed out loud at the fence wish!!

Your brother is a cutie pie...

Kristi said...

OMG...I didn't know you were from or grew up in NOLA! That's where I'm from and I love to read your blog:)

Max said...



jk...jk..this made my heart melt! I love my brother more than anything too - SOOOO sweet!

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