December 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Kate decided she would start practicing her "catching Santa" skills last night and was up playing from 3-5:30am.  I'm not a fan...

She's been happy today though!  We are hanging out at the house all day since it is cold (Max - it is actually cold - in the 40s with the low tonight in the 30s).  No need to chance Kate getting sick out in that weather.  Since we are having a low key Sunday, Alex demanded that Kate wear jom joms (his term for jammies) all day and not get dressed up in "frilly clothes".  So, I stuck a bow on her head so she wasn't just in jammies.

We are doing minimal decorations this year (I'm not super happy about this) since we will be out of town from Dec 13-21.  I am getting easy things out (like stockings, a few nativities, lights on the porch, etc) but we aren't pulling our HUGE tree out of the attic.  Alex hates that thing (there's a big story behind it - let's just say Lowe's has super tall ceilings so a tree that looks big in the store is MASSIVE in a normal size house and is heavy and is hard to put up in an attic...).  We will have a smaller tree though!

I'll post some pictures when we get everything up!  I just love decorating for Christmas (so it will be hard to not go all out) but I hate how empty my house feels come January.


kim said...

Cute jom joms! Love her!

nikinikinine said...

her eyes are gorgeous! That has to be close to her developed color now right? The bow definitely jazzes up the jom joms ;)

Lauren said...

What a sweetie! I love that you stuck a bow on her head to fancy up the jams!

Max said...

Now THAT is truly cold!! Haha

Love her jom joms and the bow is a great touch! After all, who doesn't like bows and headbands on a little girl? ;-)

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