December 18, 2010

What an Amazing Year it's Been!

One year ago today we were in Jackson, MS celebrating Christmas with my in-laws. 

Alex went out to do something with his dad and Mrs. Cheryl and I headed out to shop.

We went to several stores on Lakeland Drive and stopped at Chilck-fil-a to grab something to drink before driving back to the house.  My diet coke drinking self ordered a peppermint chocolate chip milk shake.  Yeah, a drink that has about a million calories.  It just sounded SO good that I couldn't resist.

On the way home I got a call from my IVF nurse - she said that my progesterone levels looked good.  I of course wanted the exact number so asked for my doctor to give me a call.  He knows my type of obsessive, crazy way to well and was on standby just waiting for me to ask for details.  My numbers were super high which is usually an indicator of a healthy pregnancy.

Before I tell any more of this story, I need to confess that I am what the trying-to-conceive community would call a pee-stick aholic.  You know, someone who tests early and often.  I blame it on the fact that I am a type A control freak that has zero patience. 

When we got to the house, I decided I would test.  It was very early (only 4 days past my 5 day embryo transfer - which equals about 9 day post ovulation) but I was feeling lucky.  This is totally TMI but, I pulled out my trusted red dixie cup (because come on - there is NO way I was peeing in one of my MILs cups - NOT happening) that I packed for the sole purpose of testing, so that I could use multiple pregnancy tests and analyze all of the results.  Like I said, I have issues.

I tested with a First Response Early Results and a Clearblue Digital.  Both were positive within seconds.  I was in total shock.  And couldn't say anything since Alex and I decided we were going to wait for good blood results before telling anyone. 

So, I sat and waited for Alex to get back to the house. When he got back I showed him the tests and we had the quietest celebration known to man.

What an amazing day that was.  And it is even more amazing that my sweet girl was growing away a year ago. From a few cells to a beauty!

I feel so blessed to have gone from two pink lines in 2009 to a beautiful miracle in 2010.


kim said...

Can't believe how much life has changed in a year!!! We are blessed!

Curious George said...

Deep faith in god and being a control freak, your words, just don't go together. Which is the real you?
Glad you had a good year and hope 2011 is even better.

Max said...

The most gorgeous pink lines ever! Love you guys!

Lindsey B said...

I am very confident that Type A control freaks like me are allowed to have a strong faith.

I'm also pretty sure that every other Christian has something that they need to be working on. I am well aware that my desire to control things is one of my many downfalls and an area that I am continually working on.

But, thanks for the judgement!

Jennifer said...

What an amazing story and what a beautiful little girl :)

Megan and David said...

Like : )

From a control freak/Christian

I LOVE the new pic on your sidebar with Kate in her blue smock Christmas dress. What a beauty!

Courtney said...

I LOVE this! I got pregnant at this time last year, but didn't know it until January 3. She is a precious gift - so happy for you. Enjoy your first Christmas together!

Kristi said...

Yes such a blessing!

SWV said...

Yup, you just totally made me cry. So glad you guys finally got your little pink blessing! Merry Christmas!

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