December 23, 2010

2010 Christmas Card!!!

I thought I would share our Christmas card!  I wanted something a bit more formal and Alex wanted something with lots of pictures.  He loved this card so I decided to make him happy - and show off more than just one picture (and let's be honest - I wanted to include the pups too)!

I sent out way too many (I think the final count was 182) but I was excited to finally have a sweet family to share with our family and friends.  And I am justifying my insane number of cards by telling myself we come from big families and are blessed with so many amazing friends!

This is a screen capture of the digital file and a few of the pictures look funny.  But, it printed out beautifully which is all that matters!!

I am working on a big recap of our Florida trip as well as a post about our visit to the zoo today!  Hopefully they will be up soon!


Lindsay said...

Sso cute!

Max said...

That card is front and center on our wall of cards! Love it!

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