February 25, 2011

A Day at the Park!!!

This week has been crazy.  Danielle, our nanny, started Tuesday so we could transition into Kate being alone with her for extended periods of time.  Tuesday & Wednesday were horrible. Kate's separation anxiety is insane and she would scream if she couldn't see me. 

We turned a corner Thursday and Kate started to enjoy her time with Danielle.  This morning went well also!

I think Tuesday will be just fine when I head into the office!

Today has been absolutely beautiful so I decided to load Kate up in her stroller and walk to a little park right near our house.  She loved the swings so much!!

Seriously, who stole my petite little baby and replaced her with this chub monster?  I am loving all of her new rolls and her chubby arms and legs are too cute sticking out of all of her summer bubbles and dresses!

After we got done swinging, I put Kate on a blanket in the grass in hopes of getting some cute pictures.  She had other ideas and was totally enamored by the grass!!  She kept touching it and pulling it out!  It was super cute!

Her hair is getting lighter!

This grass stuff is pretty neat!

I am so thankful that we live in a warm weather climate and can enjoy the park in February!  I think we are going to go back tomorrow so Alex can come with us!


J.Mo said...

The second picture in the swing is too cute for words!

Christie said...

I just love her sweet smile in the second swing picture!! I can't wait for it to warm up over here so we can enjoy the park too!

Ashley Paige said...

i was just thinking- i am SO jealous of your park weather! one day it's 70* here and the next, it's snowing and hailing! i can't stand it! i can't get over her expressions, she's just too cute! and getting such chub on her! love it! so glad the nanny transition is looking up!:)

Max said...

She is so sweet, and seriously...where did your tiny little newborn go?

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