February 5, 2011

Momarazzi, ER Visits, and Baby Showers!

We have been busy - and stressed out!

I spent the first half of the week playing paparazzi and taking a million pictures of Kate.  I'm trying to learn a bit more about my camera and a few easy editing techniques.  I think I've gotten a few decent pictures!

Wednesday night Kate did not sleep at all.  Like, not even an hour.  I thought it was teething so I made sure to put some baby Orajel on Kate's gums after her bath on Thursday.

Well, it wasn't teething.  By 8pm Thursday, Kate could barely breathe due to coughing and congestion.  I freaked out due to all of Kate's blood issues.  She lacks the ability to fight off infection and I was so nervous seeing as she has never been sick with any type of infection before. 

By 9 she was awake and screaming bloody murder so I decided to call the after hours line at our Pediatrician's office.  The doctor on call thought it would be best to take Kate to the Texas Children's ER to test her for the flu and RSV.  So, we packed a bag and off we went.

In an ice storm.  Houstonians don't do ice.

We were taken back almost immediately and given a private room suw to Kate's issues.  Of course she didn't sound the least bit congested by the time the ER doctor came in. 

I totally felt like *that* mom.  Oh well.  Better safe than sorry.

I could not stop laughing at the sight of Kate in a hospital bed laying on a pillow.  Not sure why but I found it hysterical.

They decided to do a deep suction.  Kate was not a fan of having a tube shoved down both nostrils and her throat to suck out mucous.  They cleaned her out and sent the mucous off to be tested.

RSV and flu tests came back negative thankfully.  They also ran a CBC to check her platelets and neutraphils but the results didn't come back within an hour so they sent us home because Kate didn't have a fever.

We got home around 4am and didn't sleep much because surprise, surprise Kate was totally congested and couldn't breathe yet again.

After a little bit of sleep, Kate woke up feeling very warm.  I took her temp and realized that she had a fever.  We had several conversations with her Pediatrician and Hematologist and the decision was made to keep her home for a few hours since her CBC results from the night before were low, but not as low as they could have been.  Thankfully her fever broke around 11am.

We've been fever free since then but Kate is miserable.  She is just so, so snotty.  I am suctioning her nose every 15-20 minutes.  You would not believe the amount of snot that is in this child right now. 

She also will only sleep while being held by me while I sit straight up.  So, I'm not sleeping much.

Needless to say, it's been a rough few days!  We follow up with both doctors next week and hopefully this virus passes quickly.

I got a break from the sickness this afternoon when I hosted a shower for one of my best friends here in Houston! We had a great time and Susannah racked up and got some great loot for no name baby boy!  I'll post pictures tomorrow!

I'm hoping to get a bit more sleep tonight but, I'm thinking that won't happen.  I can sleep when she's grown right?


A style blog said...

Poor baby kate! I feel ya. It's the worst feeling in the world when they're stuffed up. Isabella is a trooper and is never sick however she is ALWAYS super stuffy at the first sign of a 5 degree temperature drop. Run a cool air humidifier, give her saline drops ever hour, use the bulb syringe right after, take a steamy shower and keep her in the bathroom with you, put her to sleep on an incline, and finally put vasiline on her nose because it's sure to get dried out. These are all the things that work for us. I'm sure you're already doing most if not everything I just said. Good luck!

Melissa said...

I hope Kate feels better soon and her momma gets some sleep! <3

Christie said...

Oh no Lindsey, that sounds terrible. I'll bet you guys have just been nothing but stressed the last couple days. Hopefully this is a quick bug and gives her some relief soon - and your family too. And I hope you get a super long nap in to play catch up on sleep!

Momma Wilson said...

I'm so sorry that you guys are going through this. No worries, I'm so that mom, so I feel your pain! Try saline nasal spray and a cold mist humidifier. Oh and a little vicks on her chest. Those things always help my sick kid!

kim said...

I hope she feels better soon and you ALL get some rest! Stuffy noses are the worst.
Have to say I'm loving the 2nd picture of her! I hope she realizes when she's older people would kill for those lips. What a little beauty.

Anonymous said...

The first two photos are great! Good job, momma! I especially love the second one with a close up on her beautiful eyes. If it were me I might play with the exposure and saturation/vibrancy to liven it up a bit, but I am just loving that shot. Looks like you are really enjoying 'shooting' your little girl and that is the most important part!

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