February 27, 2011

Welcoming the Trail Riders!!

The Houston Rodeo officially kicked off Saturday with the Rodeo parade Downtown!  We didn't make it to the parade.  However, we did load Kate up in her stroller and walk to Memorial Drive and watch the Trail Riders make their official ride into town to line up for the parade.

Every year, hundreds of trail riders load their wagons and mount their horses to make the journey to Houston.  Some ride 400+ miles, on horseback, to kick off the Rodeo!  All of the riders camp at Memorial Park the night before the parade and then ride down Memorial Drive to the staging area for the parade! 

We enjoyed welcoming the Cowboys (and girls) to town!!  Kate waved to everyone (with my help) and loved all of the horses.

Hanging out with daddy!!

Focused on the horses!

The line of riders heading downtown!

We hope to take Kate back next year!  And we will be sure to dress her like a cute little cowgirl - and not a preppy little city girl in her polo dress and cardi!


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how awesome! I've always wanted to do that ride!

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