April 2, 2011

Baby Doves!

I mentioned in another post that we've had several nests in our palm trees this year.  One momma dove is doing a good job of keeping her babies in the nest and I got a few pictures of them from our balcony today!

They are getting big and Alex is getting worried that one (or both) of them is going to fall out of the nest because it is so small.  Nesting in a palm tree seems so undesirable given how little space there is by the trunk but according to the rescue place where brought the other babies, doves love palm trees.

The babies are so cute!

As soon as they heard me, the baby towards the bottom of the nest hid under his momma!

I hope they can stay in the nest until they are ready to be on their own!

Speaking of cute, how precious are my nephews?  My sister texted this to me today (so it isn't the best quality).  Graham and Miles are going to be so, so precious sporting their seersucker on Easter!!!

Kate has a dress to match them and we will get pictures of all three when I visit my family in May!!!


Jessica said...

Aww sweet baby birds! I think it's so cool you have palm trees in your yard. I'm so jealous! I LOVE those seersucker outfits your nephews have on! Thanks for the questions on my last post :) I think we would hit it off so well too! Maybe one day we can meet up!!

Emily said...

Your nephews are adorable!!!

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