April 16, 2011

It's Here!!

After nearly six months of waiting, Alex's truck was finally delivered this week!  He picked it up this morning and is so excited about it!  For those that haven't heard about this truck before, it is a 2011 Ford Raptor. 

I have to admit, it is a beauty.  And, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when it actually fit into our garage.  The thing is a BEAST!

Me and Kate giving you some perspective on just how huge it is!

We've been keeping busy.  Kate has started to sport her collection of Easter smocked dresses.

And I have learned that I need to tuck Kate's dresses into her bloomers so she can crawl around without getting caught all up in her clothes!

Kate had a photo shoot today with Melissa Pickens Photography and I cannot wait to see the pictures!  I have a feeling that Melissa got several super cute shots!!

I hope everyone has a good weekend!  Alex and I are heading out to dinner and drinks with our friends Don and Katie.  This will be our first sans baby date night since Kate was born!  Danielle is coming over to watch her and I am so, so excited!!!


Nadine Marlyne said...

Love the truck! My husband wants to get a new truck too. Kate is adorable too :)

Christie said...

My husband is definitely jealous of Alex's truck! That thing is a monster! And I can't wait to see the photoshoot pics of Kate - I'm sure she looked like a little baby model!

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