April 5, 2011

Sick Day

We had a sick day today.  Poor Kate started getting sick with congestion, a cough, and a fever yesterday evening.  We sucked her nose, rocked her upright, and gave her some tylenol which helped for a bit.

But, it was a long night!  We were up multiple times with a pitiful baby!

I worked from home today so I would be here if Kate started to get worse.  I have several things that have to get done this week for work (oh the joys of working in stewardship/ financial reporting) so thankfully Danielle was at the house to take care of Kate while I worked.

We had some pitiful moments filled with red rimmed eyes, red noses, and lots of snot.

But, Kate got a second wind and was able to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a walk with Danielle.  She also perked up after a nap and crawled all over the living room.  She has mastered going from a sitting position, to crawling, back to sitting!

She also took a break to try and figure out why I always follow her around with a camera glued to my face!

We are back to pituful over here.  What about bedtime/ nighttime make a baby's congestion a million times worse?

On a fun note, I have two wonderful giveaways that I will be posting over the next two weeks!! 

And, I'm sure I'll be posting tons of pictures (as if I don't already post enough pictures) as this beauty will be mine tomorrow!


KariBeth and Josh Gentry said...

I was looking into getting that lens, let me know how you like it!! Poor Kate, I hope she feels better soon! I love her outfit as always :)

Jennifer said...

:( Sorry that she isn't feeling well. Hopefully it passes soon.

Max said...

OH! I hate seeing her like that. Let me know how you like the Tamron.

Shannon said...

Hope Kate feels better very soon!!

NicB said...

Kate is still adorable when she is sick, but I hope she feels a lot better tomorrow!

Lindsay said...

Hope she's feeling better soon!

Elizabeth said...

She is the prettiest sick baby! I can't even tell that she is not feeling well. I absolutely LOVE that last picture. Too cute!

kim said...

Love her outfit, and can't wait to hear all about the lens!

Allison said...

Boo. I know when Em was sick we used the Vicks vapor rub plug in but what honestly worked like a gem (especially with the cough) was to put old school Vicks on the soles of her feet at bedtime. Just put either socks or footie PJ's on. I don't get why but it helped a lot. We also locked her swing into position and had her sleep upright, though now that she's rolling I'm not sure if that would still work. Good luck!!

Jessica said...

Poor baby! I'm sorry she has been sick :( But yay for her crawling/sitting all together! Such a big girl! Hope she gets to feeling better soon! Enjoy your new lens! I'm super jealous & can't wait to hear how you like it! Maybe I can drop enough hints to the hubs & get one for my birthday! ;)

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