September 26, 2011

Day +26: Bone Marrow Biopsy

Kate is having a bone marrow biopsy today. Apparently this is routine and her doctors want to check her actual marrow against her blood counts. They will also run an engraftment study on her marrow to make sure the blood tests have been accurate. I am so nervous about Kate leaving the unit for the first time. Hospitals are filled with germy kids as is the day surgery unit. I'm praying she doesn't catch anything and get sick while venturing off the 8th floor.

We spend the weekend working in oral medication and Kate is finally doing great!

I'm sure my new readers won't remember but Kate struggled with several GI issues as a newborn. One of her issues was delayed gastric emptying.

After days of excessive vomiting, Kate's doctors and I put our heads together and tried to figure out what was causing the stomach issues. We all came to the conclusion that her delayed gastric emptying could be "acting up" again since her stomach hasn't had anything in it in such a long time. We started the same medication that was successful almost a year ago and have seen a huge improvement in regards to the vomiting and stomach issues! Kate is even taking 6-8 ounces of fluids by mouth daily!

Since Kate is mastering the oral meds, she was able to enjoy some time away from her IV pole this weekend! She spent about 8 hours free of her lines and enjoyed every minute of her freedom!

We are getting so close to going home! I am so ready to be done with the hospital so we start reestablishing some type of schedule/ routine with Kate! I'm also hoping that routine and home help Kate with eating. She will come home on TPN as she has no interest in eating at all.

Thanks for the continued support and prayers!

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Ali said...

I'm so glad to hear that Kate is doing well.
I'll be praying that she stays safe during her trip off the 8th floor.

Shannon said...

She just keeps getting cuter! Praying that you guys are able to go home very soon and that Kate just continues to do better and better.

Erin said...

So glad to see Kate feeling better and running around free of IV lines!! Praying the marrow tests come back with good news! Anxiously waiting for you to tell us y'all are headed home!

Courtney said...

Wow! Kate looks so much healthier and happier in this pic than in previous posts. It is amazing to see her smiling like this. Good luck at the hospital. Prayers to keep all the germs away!

Lindsey said...

So happy for you all! Kate is soo cute and I am thrilled she got some time away from her IV poles- that must have made her feel so uninhibited! Sending prayers that the biopsy goes great and that you are home soon!

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