November 14, 2011

She's Making a List...

And checking it twice!

Ok if we are going to get technical, Kate is not really making a list.  But, Alex and I are making a list of things we think she will love for Christmas and I thought I would share!

Kate will be 16 months come Christmas and we've decided to "buy up" in most things this year.  We want items that will carry her through her entire second year!  If you have already been through this phase with your kids, feel free to offer suggestions of toys your children really loved from 18-24+ months!

On to the list!

Play Kitchen
I had a precious super girly pink kitchen picked out.  However, when we discovered Will was a boy, we decided to go more gender neutral as the play room in our next house will be for both kids!  I love this kitchen - the chalk board on the fridge is just so darn cute to me!  It is on sale right now but if you are interested in purchasing, I would keep watching it - I ordered Kate's last week for under $100.  I'm willing to bet Amazon will drop the price again between now and Christmas!

Kitchen Accessories
What good is a kitchen without food, pots, pans, cookies, etc?  I've picked out several fun things to add to the kitchen.  I also love that the Melissa and Doug pots and pan set is red and white and will match the kitchen perfectly!

Doll Stroller
Kate is obsessed with her dolls.  She has several and carries them around all day giving them hugs and kisses!  I hope she will love putting them in a stroller and pushing them around!

Parum Pum Pum Drum
Kate loves music and will stop to dance the second she hears any type of music (including commercial jingles).  She's recently started using plastic forks, wooden spoons, toys, and such as drum sticks to bang on things and tap a beat.  While I am not all that excited by the added noise this toy will bring, I know that Kate will love it!  Parenting is all about sacrifice, right?

I think books rank as Kate's all time favorite "toy"!  I'm not complaining as I have a huge love of reading and am glad she is showing an interest so young!  I'm hoping she can increase her library this Christmas!  Her favorite type of books right now are the "lift the flap" books.  One book I am eager to get her this year is a big sister book.  I realize she is probably to young to understand what is going on but, I figured it can't hurt to start reading and talking about the baby!

We aren't sure exactly which Elmo we will get her but, the child love, love, loves the Elmo she has right now!  I'm thinking a singing Elmo (maybe the rockin Elmo) will be a must purchase!

I'm sure we will pick up a few more random things but, as of now, these are for sure presents under our tree!  I'm hoping Kate shows a bit more interest in the whole Christmas thing this year - I'm dying for a fun Christmas morning where she realizes she has tons of new presents!

And, of course, we will be telling her about the true meaning of Christmas throughout the season.  I'm sad we won't (and haven't been able to for a while) be able to head to church for Christmas but, one day, when all of my kids are off of isolation, we will be back in the sanctuary - not just for Christmas but every week!  These kids will know who has been and will always be the ultimate healer!  I've ordered her the Little People Nativity set so we can play and talk about the true reason for the season!


NoPermanentAddy said...

IKEA also has lots of great 'kitchen food' and it is cheap!

Lindsey said...

We got that doll stroller for my niece for Easter one year. She LOVED it! Connor is also getting a play kitchen this year from my parents with some Melissa and Doug food. It is great to see other parents' purchases for their kids because it gives everyone else ideas!

Alyssa said...

Kate will have a fun Christmas this year! Those Melissa & Doug things will be favorites for years to come. And so will the FP nativity scene. My kids are 8 and 12 and every year when we pull that out, they start playing!

Jennifer said...

AC Moore has a bunch of Melissa and Doug play food and it's usually 50% off.

My son was 18 months for Christmas a few years ago and we purchased the PBK anywhere chair and at 3 1/2 he still uses it. Now his 1 year sister is always sitting in it, so we purchased one for her for Christmas. They are a pricey investment, but they seem to wear very well and my son has already gotten 2 years out of it (I can even sit in it!)

Jaxxy said...

My daughter has that same doll stroller and is obsessed with it. She loves to push it around, but whenever we put a doll or her stuffed monkey (which is the only 'doll' she really plays with - she carries him around, and tries to put diapers on him), she pulls it out and throws it, and then continues pushing it around empty, lol

Steph said...

My daughter got a kitchen for her 2nd birthday and loves it. We have gotten 2 good years out of and have many more years of play.

She also has that drum set that is on you list. She loves it as well.

Carrie said...

We got that stroller for my daughter for her 1st birthday a few weeks ago. She loves it! It's nice and not tippy. I'll be making a DIY play kitchen out of an old nightstand for her for Christmas this year (assuming we get the playroom finished). I can't think of what we got my son for his first Christmas (about a month younger than Kate will be), but you have a good list going. I would also maybe suggest the Melissa and Doug puzzles where the pieces are animal shapes. My son still plays with those some and they are good first puzzles.

Ali said...

WOW - that was pretty much of daughter's Christmas list from last year (we did get the super girly pink kitchen set, so our son will have to get over it.)
I think you have a great list! Our DD was 22 months when we got her most of these things and she still plays with them all.
I can't say enough about the little people - we got her the nativity set at 10 months and most of her other little people sets at 12 months and she still loves them and plays with them all the time - she's 33 months now. It is fascinating to watch how her play with them changes as she grows.
We bought a ton of M&D food to go with her fridge last year and the wooden food is completely worth it - much nicer than the plastic food.
We got the large corduroy elmo - no sound or movement - and she loves it and I like that it is a little better made than most elmos.
If she doesn't have it, I'd recommend a shopping cart or basket to go with the food. Playing "Store" is a big hit around here.

Lindsey said...

We have that doll stroller and my girls LOOOOVVVEE it!! Kitchens are hours of entertainment too! I really love the little people nativity set, my MIL is actually getting that for the girls and I can't wait to teach them with it too! :) Hope everyone's doing well, still sending prayers!

Augie and Chris said...

My niece (just turned 2) loves her dolls and kitchen set. She also really started enjoying MegaBlocks around 18ish months.

Amanda T said...

Love that kitchen! What a great price too! I love that little people nativity set. So adorable! :)

Missi said...

My twins are soon to be 20 months we are getting the pa rum pum pum musical set too. Ours are loving puzzles right now so we are getting a bunch of the melissa and doug wooden puzzles.

Missi said...

And I forgot we are also getting the Little Tikes Cozy Coupes, which i think they are going to love!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

We're also doing the kitchen for Christmas and a few Little People toys and an Elmo. Seems to be the popular gifts for this age range!

Barb said...

Awww! Kate's going to have a great Christmas! Love that Little People Nativity set - so cute!

Shannon said...

Claire got the drum set and the doll stroller for her first birthday last December- she loved both of them- she still plays with them now, and shes going on two in here in a month. We also got her the kitchen, the rockin elmo (Claire LOVES Elmo too), and all the Melissa and Doug pots and pans and food for her 2nd birthday- so I think you have a great mix of stuff Kate can play with now and grow into over the next year!

Laura and family said...

I'm a new follower :) Our daughter is 20 months and our lists are almost identical! We got the same stroller, band kit, and lots of Melissa & Doug food items.

We got a KidKraft neutral kitchen last year from Walmart (our son Gabe was 2 then.) We love it and it has held up great! It was this one from Walmart, and if you watch it, it will go on sale to $99. Love that it is big enough for both kids to play at.

Not sure if you'd be interested but Gabe and Claire love the Llama Llama books. Gabe likes the big books and Claire gets the board books :)

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