February 27, 2012

Picture Dump!

I thought I would keep Kate's grandma, grandpas, great grandmas, and extended family happy and catch up on pictures!  I've actually been using my camera a decent amount lately after a little hiatus and have captured tons of fun! 

Kate and I spent Mardi Gras day at the park (no big surprise there - this child loves to swing)!  The weather was beautiful!  There were other kids playing so we couldn't do much but, Kate enjoyed swinging and clapping for the other kids from far away!  I can't wait until she can interact with others at the park!

Elmo is a big time favorite in this house - and apparently playing with multiple Elmos is a must!

Kate was in the silliest mood this past Thursday!  We played so hard Thursday morning which resulted in a great nap for Kate, and me too!  After we both woke up we headed back to...the park!  We are going to have the cleanest park swings ever since I always bring a big tub of Clorox wipes with me and wipe everything down before letting Kate play!  We stayed out there for about an hour and had a blast.  I paid for it later that night though - I'm to the point where I start having contractions and just feel horrible if I over do it - and chasing a toddler at the park for an hour is apparently over doing it these days.  Lesson learned!

Watching the "woof woofs" outside and being silly with Thomas!  Kate received some money from her Great MaMaw Williamson for Valentine's day and picked this Thomas the train set out at Target!  She loves it!

Nigh-nigh!  Kate acts like she is going  sleep all the time!  If only she would actually sleep on a regular basis!

And of course, our standard picture in the swing!

We have a busy start to our week - I have an appointment with my perinatologist this morning and Kate has clinic tomorrow.  We're hoping for good reports all around!  I hope y'all have a great week!


Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

so cute! It looks like she had a blast swinging. I love her bishop dresses!

Jo Marie said...

Just found your blog a week or so ago. we are also having a little William (due May 13th). Kate's bishop dresses are TOO DIE FOR!!! They are all so gorgeous and she looks like a princess!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Such a doll.

mommy baum said...

cute photos! looks like she loved being outside ;)

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