February 16, 2012

Take Action! Help save lives!

On Monday, while watching the news, Alex and I learned about a critical shortage of Methotrexate, a type of chemotherapy mainly used to treat ALL (a form of childhood leukemia).  It is also used frequently in bone marrow transplant patients, post transplant, to help reduce the risk of a patient's body rejecting the donor cells.  Kate received this chemotherapy and Will will require it as well so this shortage really hits home.

The most shocking aspect of this shortage is that pharmaceutical companies are stopping, or drastically cutting, production because methotrexate is no longer a profitable drug to produce.  These companies would rather produce higher profit drugs to boost earnings.

I have a finance degree - I understand business models, really I do.

However, I cannot get on board with companies halting production on a drug that SAVES CHILDREN'S LIVES.  We aren't talking a cosmetic drug, or an antibiotic that can be easily substituted.  We are talking about a drug that is known to cure a specific type of childhood cancer.

I literally get sick to my stomach when I think about this.  Not just about whether or not this drug will be available for Will.  But sick to my stomach for the parents who go through the hell of receiving a horrendous diagnosis only to find out the medication their child needs isn't profitable enough to be made. 

I know what it's like to hear your child has a terminal illness.  It is hell.  I wouldn't wish those words on my worst enemy.  However, I cannot fathom hearing those words coupled with a statement of little hope about getting my hands on the medication needed to cure my baby.  Tears fill my eyes when I think about any parent hearing that. 

Unless we do something, parents will hear that.  And sweet, innocent children will die.  They won't get their second chance - all because big pharm is selfish.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is helping us take action.  You can follow this link and register to send a letter to your legislators petitioning life saving drug shortages.  We need legislation to regulate this.  We need the FDA to have control over the production of drugs that are as important as methotrexate. 

As parents to two children that have, or will, require this drug to help save their lives, Alex and I are asking each of you to take action and help innocent children. 

We, as well as all parents with children requiring this medication, appreciate your support.  Please spread the word - link back to this post, forward the LLS link to your friends and family, post on facebook, do anything you can to spread the word. 

Let's rally together and give these children a chance at survival.


BellaBride said...

That's capitalism for you. Of all people you should know about profits before people since you worked for a big oil company.

Alyssa said...

Sad... I clicked the link and had my letter submitted to my congressmen. Profit over life? Disgusting.

Lindsey said...

I think that "BellaBride" is need a reality check!! If you have read Lindsey's blog in its entirety than it is quite obvious that she has seen first hand what a miracle drug this is as it has helped save the life of her precious daughter, and how selfish if you to say something like that to a mother who faces such a difficult struggle to know that both of her children will require bone marrow transplants and this drug in order to live! Lindsey- I will fight for this to the death because heaven forbid another child's life is lost because some drug company isn't making enough money- I will lose my shit!!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

Lindsey, I am so sorry to hear this. I heard this on the news the other day and my heart was literally broken. I am so blessed that I have not had to live through the nightmare of an unhealthy or terminally ill child, but I know that is a reality for a lot of people. I posted about this also, and send the letter to my state legislators. Keeping your family, and all families affect by this, in my prayers. ~Andrea

Mrs. Mama said...

I just can't fathom this myself. Our beautiful, precious, innocent children. Profit or not, don't take away what SAVES LIVES. Figure out another solution. Point blank. There are ALWAYS ways, and if the company would just seek out the public, and others like yourself would put the effort to make a stop to this... then they wouldn't be worrying about profits, but instead on sustaining the life of the young.

Angie said...

I cannot get over this. This infuriates me. Doesnt make sense at all.
I am so sorry that this directly affects you. I cannot handle the fact that a company would even remotely consider stopping this drug if it saves lives. Makes me sick.
I will definitely go to the link and spread the word!


Unknown said...

This is just horrible. My five year old cousin fied of leukemia years ago because there was no treatment for him then. Now that there is treatment they should be making as much as possible!

Amy said...

i just submitted my letter! thanks for sharing this. i had no idea and am definitely saddened by it! :(

Lindsay said...

I just submitted my letter. I sincerely apologize again about the comment I accidentally posted last night. It was a very long day yesterday! I hope you are feeling well and you are an amazing momma!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Thanks for sharing this. I sent my letter!

Katy Mattox said...

I wanted to let you know I sent a letter and also posted it onto my Facebook account. I want you to know that my son had the same disease as your children. He had his bone marrow transplant about 2 weeks after you found out what your daughter had.
It's a very strange and surreal that we have to go through this. We found things out about ourselves that we never knew. It's never the way you want to learn, but these are the cards we are dealt.
I want you to know that I think of you all often and pray that everything goes well and that they all can be kids again soon.
Katy Mattox

JenSu82 said...

Submitted my letter, tweeted to my followers and posted on my facebook fanpage. Lindsey, you are an inspiration to families everywhere fighting to save the lives of their loved ones.

I continue to pray for you, Alex, Kate, and Will.

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