February 22, 2012

Thirty-One Party & Brain Dump!

This picture has nothing to do with this post - I just love it and wanted to post it!

*I mentioned this in my February sponsor post but wanted to mention it again!  I am currently hosting an on-line Thirty-One party with Kodi, a sweet friend and sponsor!  Kodi is a wonderful momma of two sweet boys and manages to balance being an Army wife, work at home mom, and keeper of the house while her husband is currently states away in Arizona!  Help support Kodi's business and take a look at the new Spring catalog.  This month there is an awesome special going on - for every $31 you spend, you will receive 31% off of one item!  Head over to Kodi's website (link), click my events, then click on my name (Lindsey B) to start shopping!  There are only a few days left to order so be sure to head over today and place your order!

*Kate has been dealing with major sleep regression over the past few days.  I'm talking two hour parties in the middle of the night or waking up as much as 4 times a night.  I realized tonight that I hadn't heard her crib soother over the monitor in a few days and sure enough, it was out of batteries.  Alex made a Walgreens run after dinner last night and bedtime was much easier.  I'm hoping that this mistake of mine is going to be the sleep solution!  We all need some rest!

*I have eaten almost an entire half gallon of Blue Bell Chocolate Covered Strawberries ice cream in three days.  No joke.  Y'all need to run to the store an buy this - it is simply amazing! It's a new flavor and only available this month so you need to stock up before next week!

*Having a frank breech baby means I have the joy of experiencing Will's head and feet in my ribs at the same time.  It's slightly painful.

*Kate officially knows where "Bubba" is (in my belly) and where his room is.  She LOVES his room and thinks it is her personal play area right now.  We purchased a couch from Ikea this weekend (the Ektorp sofa bed) for the new nursery and I cannot even count how many times Kate has said "Buh", meaning Bubba, and gone to his room to sit on that couch!

*My maternity pictures/ last family of three session was postponed to Saturday.  I still have no clue what we will all wear.  I really need to figure this out!

*The rain has finally moved on and we have had a few beautiful days!  I am loving the 75+ degree days as it means Kate and I can head to the park!  Girlfriend would swing all day long if she could be out in the sun for more that a little bit!  Speaking of sun exposure, I should probably by stock in sunscreen now.  Kate's skin is extra sensitive to the sun due to the high doses of chemo she received so she doesn't step outside until she is completely covered in sunscreen!

*My birthday is in a week and a half and I'm pretty sure I'm going to ask for a Timi & Leslie diaper bag, as well as a few other smaller things.  Do any of y'all have one?  If so, what style and how has it held up?  I really like the Charlie, Rachel, and Hannah.  I've read mixed reviews on the Charlie and how it holds up so I'd love to hear if any of y'all have personal experience with one!

*Exactly 6 months ago today Kate received her first dose of chemo.  Part of me feels like it was ages ago and the other part feels like it was just yesterday.  I feel like a broken record but I am just so thankful to witness how far Kate has come.  God is good!

Ok, I think that is enough randomness for one post!


Lindsey said...

Sooo amazing that 6 short months ago that's where Kate was and look at how far she has come!! So happy your beautiful girl has soo much she can look forward to now that she has made it over such big hurdles!! Xoxo

Rachel said...

Connor was frank breech too so I feel your pain! He was that way my entire pregnancy (well, at least from when they start checking their position). I'm only 5'2" so having a 7 pound baby in that position was incredibly uncomfortable! Connor never turned so I had a c-section. Here's to hoping he turns so you can get a bit more comfy!

Jess said...

I have the Timi and Leslie Hannah bag. It has held up to me carrying it for a year. Before it, I would switch diaper bags probably every 2-3 months. I loved the look and design of this bag though, so it stuck!

Chase just turned 2 and I finally made the switch to his own little backpack and a purse for me. The Hannah bag is still in great shape!

Kodi said...

I saw that ice cream this weekend and I ran away! It sounded too good!

The Underwood's said...

I have the Hannah bag and I am going on over a year now with it and still love it! It can hold so much stuff and it barely even looks worn with all the wear and tear I have put it through! Definitely worth the $$$!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Such a precious picture of Kate!! She is a little miracle for sure. And I love the sofa you got for Will's room - that will be so handy to have in there.

Christie Strayer (Thirty-One Gifts Consultant) said...

Good luck with your online party!

Lindsay said...

Good luck with the 31 party! Glad Kate is feeing better!

Angie said...

I love that picture of Kate. So beautiful and happy!! She is such a little inspiration! She has come so far!!!
Love that sofa!

Shannon said...

I would totally get the Leslie and Timi- I had one with Claire and I pulled it back out with Chloe. I have a black patent leather one. I love all the pockets and that it doesn't look like adapter bag, I'm a bit of purse snob- so i liked that it looks like a designer bag, at a pretty affordable price. Mine also came with stroller straps which was great on our bugaboo- I didn't have to worry about digging out the diaper bag from under the stroller. I could just attach it to the handle.

BellaBride said...

The bows, the smocked clothes; no comment.

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