March 13, 2012

34 Weeks and a Birthday!

Apparently I've stolen a basketball!

I feel like my belly finally exploded and is so much bigger this week! I can also tell Will is growing because my belly is heavy and his movement literally hurts me. So much different than little petite Kate!

Things are pretty typical on the pregnancy front - I'm getting more and more tired every day, sleep is not something that happens easily, my feet get puffy if I'm on them too long - all normal! I have been packing on the pounds and am officially up 19 pounds total. Like most women that are 8.5 months pregnant, I'm getting to the point where I am sick of being pregnant and just want an outside baby!

I know Kate doesn't really understand what is about to happen but, she does know where the baby is (in my belly) and will give my belly kisses if you ask her to kiss the baby! She also knows where bubba's room is and loves to help me organize things in there!

My mom finished Will's bedding this weekend and I should have it by next week! I also have been working with one of Alex's friends from high school about several canvases for the room! Maybe, just maybe, nursery #2 will start coming together at some point!

I had a quick appointment today and everything looks good. I start weekly appointments now and we will take full measurement next week! We talked about delivery and officially set Will's birthday! I'm glad to know that I officially have less than 5 weeks before becoming a mom of two!

We also talked about some of my health issues. If you weren't a reader when I was pregnant with Kate you probably don't know that I have a heart condition (had surgery in the 90s to correct an issue with one of my valves) as well as a blood condition. My heart checked out great during my pregnancy with Kate but some of my blood counts were a bit off which resulted in the need for general anesthesia for my c-section (link to blog post back in 2010 about that).

I've had several follow ups with my hematologist since delivering Kate and my lab work all checked out normal. However, just to be safe, my perinatologist wants to re-run tests just to verify a few levels. As long as everything looks ok, I'll be allowed to have a spinal and be awake for Will's birth. We are praying that this happens but, I realize I have no control over what my blood work looks like. I know from my first delivery that I will be just fine if I have to go under again but I'd really like to experience the joys of hearing your baby's first cry, seeing them before family, and just being "normal" for once! We should have answers in the next week or two so prayers for normal levels are greatly appreciated!

I can't believe we have less than 34 days until we meet our son!


Lynsey said...

I will certainly be praying that all your lab work checks out okay and you can have a spinal.

Jessica Hudson said...

Your bump is so adorable and such a perfect shape. I'm weird about my bump being a good shape...weird hangup.

I've been meaning to email you. I had PPA so bad after Tyler. I know you maybe mentioned being on meds right after, but one thing that my doc really thinks will help (that I actually avoided the first go around) is getting on the mini pill (or regular if you aren't nursing) right away. My PPA was directly related to hormonal stuff and the pill will help balance them right away.

I'm sure you've thought it all through...but just thought I'd share.

I can't wait to "meet" that little boy!

Heather said...

If you stole a basket ball, it sure is a cute one! ;)
Praying for good levels so you can hear that baby boy as soon as he lets out his first cry.

Lindsey said...

You are absolutely adorable mama!!! You will do amazing with being a mama of two!!! Sending lots of prayers that your counts come back great and that a spinal is going to happen for you this time!!! Xoxox

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