March 10, 2012

A Girl and her Sunnies!

We've had beautiful weather here in Houston (except this weekend - it's rainy and chilly) so I've been trying to take advantage of it and get Kate and I out of the house! Tuesday we got in the car and headed to an outdoor shopping area just a few minutes from the house. We walked around for a while enjoying the weather and then, after noticing Gap was empty, ran in to do some shopping!

I was looking at the girls clothes when Kate started freaking out and pointing at something. After a few minutes I realized that she'd spotted a huge thing of sunglasses. Kate is really into sunglasses these days and I've given her several of my old pairs to play with but of course they are big and fall off her face.

We strolled over to the glasses and I showed Kate each of the styles. She put each pair on her face until she decided on the pair she liked (by throwing all of the others on the ground - we still have things to work on)!

Ever since we purchased those glasses, and a few new hats for outside time, Kate has been obsessed. Any time she wants to go outside she puts on her sunnies and a hat and drags you to the door! It is so funny!

She keeps them on the entire time we are outside and as soon as we head in, she takes her hat off and pushes her sunglasses on top of her head. I wonder who she's seen do that on a regular basis?! ;)

This child has so much personality and it is such a joy to watch her explore, experience new things, and turn into her own little person! We are definitely at a super fun stage!

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Angie said...

This is so adorable!! She is just a beauty, hilarious about the sunglasses!

Lucy Marie said...

She pushes them up onto her head? Ah, she slays me. Love it!

Erin said...

Looking GOOD, Kate!

Jennifer said...

Adorable! I agree, this is a fun age.

Unknown said...

She is absolutely adorable!!!

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