March 23, 2012

iPhone picture dump!

We have had an insanely busy week! Two playdates, four doctors appointments (2 for me, two for Kate), a tour of the brand new facility we will be delivering Will at, and tons of errands! I'm exhausted from being on the go so much so an iPhone picture dump is the best I've got today!

Kate has really started to love our dogs! She pets them so sweetly and loves to bring them toys! Earlier this week she climbed up on the couch, brought Sadie her favorite ball, and pet her for a solid 10 minutes! So sweet!

I had an early appointment Wednesday and had to wake Kate up so we could leave on time. She was in the best mood despite being woken up!

I love this Easter outfit! It's SheShe made (of course!) and precious! SheShe isn't taking anymore appliqué orders for Easter but they still have several cute smocked items available! Head over to their site (link) and pick up some goodies for your sweeties!!

Who knew keys were so much fun?!? Kate and I went outside to check the mail and she asked for my keys. She literally stood at our gate, trying to unlock it, for 15 minutes!

I'm feeling large and in charge. I totally forgot just how hard the last few weeks of pregnancy are. I'm about 35.5 weeks and we have less than a month until Will's arrival!

Yesterday I took a picture of Kate and remembered I had a similar picture from earlier this year. I found it on my phone and was totally shocked by how much Kate's hair has grown! I mean, I know it's been growing but seeing her every day makes the changes so subtle - this comparison really shows how much of her hair has come back! These pictures were taken two months apart!

Will's bedding came in yesterday and I love it! My mom did such a great job on it! It still needs to be ironed but I just had to put it on as soon as it arrived! We will hang the drapes this weekend and hopefully get more of the nursery put together soon!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I've got plans to see Hunger Games with one of my good friends! I'm way too excited about it!!

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

All these pics are too cute and you look amazing!

Ashley Dunaway said...

I love your blog!!! I have found so much inspiration from you and your story. I’ve just started my blog up again and I’m looking to gain some readers myself. My son was just diagnosed with Williams Syndrome and we are sharing our journey and spreading awareness. Will you check it out and follow us in return! Thanks a million. Have no fear you have a new blog stalker. Much Love Ashley Dunaway

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