May 26, 2012

Full Heart

Our first official family picture.

The session was complete chaos.  Kate isn't looking at the camera.  I feel "puffy" and blah.

But my heart is full. 

My family is complete. 

I am blessed.

"Sons are a heritage from the LORD; children a reward from Him." Psalms 127:3


Breanna said...

This is a beautiful picture! :) Congratulations! :) You look stunning!

Erin said...

I cannot lie, seeing this photo gave me happy chills. Your family is beautiful, you look amazing and what a blessed little family you have. Wonderful photo Lindsey!

Lucy Marie said...

I think it's perfect. Kate's personality shines through and you look amazing! Don't even try to kid yourself

Lauren said...

What a beautiful photo! You look amazing!

Unknown said...

You all look gorgeous in this picture! Definitely one to treasure:)

Lauren said...

I think you look amazing! If you feel puffy, I'd have to hear how I should feel :)

Lauren said...

If you are "puffy," I'd hate to hear what I am :)

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