May 25, 2012

Kate's Thoughts...

Mom, could you make him a little bit more exciting?

Oh wait, I can put stickers on him?  Maybe we can keep him if I can keep decorating him!

I need some too since apparently brother and I need to match at all times...

Yep - we can keep him...but don't expect me to smile while holding him.

All joking aside, Kate is adjusting so well to Will!  She is seriously the best big sister ever - always wanting to help and such a little momma!  Any time Will cries Kate is the first to say "oh no, baby cry. Paci? Bottle? Rock?".  She also asks to hold him multiple times a day.  It really is the sweetest thing! 

Alex and I have really made an effort to each have one on one time with Kate daily so she doesn't feel like she has been pushed to the side because of a new baby coming into the house. I really beleive that is what has made our adjustment so easy!

This sweet boy (who has changed SO much since I took this picture over 3 weeks ago) is blessing our lives so very much!  I cannot imagine our life without him!

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with blogging soon!  I have so much to share - sweet pictures, an insight to life with two kids under two, and the health struggles Will is currently facing.

In the mean time, we'd appreciate prayers for Will's potential donors.  Due to his health, we had to start the donor search earlier than anticipated.  Unfortunately Will's search has not gone as smoothly as Kate's did and we currently only have three potential donors in the entire world.  These three individuals are undergoing further testing and we are praying one of them is the one who will give Will many more years here on Earth.


Jennifer said...

What great pictures. I'm praying for you guys.

Christy said...

She is adorable! Look at all her dark hair!!!

Christy said...

She is adorable! Look at all her dark hair!

Lucy Marie said...

Love this. I'm afraid Eva is going to forget what to do with a newborn and not understand why s/he can't play... my bff has an almost 6 month old, and she was great with him when he was born, but now he can sit up a bit etc so he's not as fragile and THAT is what she is used to when she thinks baby. Will be an adjustment for sure.

Definitely praying for his donor!

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