May 29, 2012

The many faces of Will!

I find myself constantly laughing at all of the faces Will makes! He is definitely an expressive little boy! Last night he was wide awake and making the most precious faces! I took all of these within just a few minutes of each other!

Half smile and sweet dimple.

Major side eye.

Big bright eyes.

Proof that Will does in fact have a neck under his cheeks and chins.

I just love this sweet boy so much!

And how about this expression? The way he is looking at Kate melts my heart!

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Shannon Dew said...

So so so sweet! That picture of him with Kate is just too much, he loves his big sis!

Jennifer said...

He's so adorable. Those pics made me smile.

Lindsay said...

Too cute!

Trisha said...

So cute!

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